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21st Post

Just so you know, today is my birthday. Heheee.
Anyway, way before I have been planning to have a blog again (because I have erased my blog before), and I planned to create one on my twenty one, so here it is!

Blog? ✔

Welcome to

I am not sure what to talk about using this blog. I just really wanted to create one. Maybe I can talk about anything and everything or just random things. Whatever I like. Heheee 😆

Since it is my birthday today, I will share with you how’s my special day. Oh yes, this will be the first talk!

Well, this is no ordinary day because I got a leave from work, but its no extraordinary too. It is not a sad day either.
I am happy that I got to take a break for working almost a year; to play with my favorite nephew, Noel; to watch Eat Bulaga & Kalyeserye (today I am not a #TeamReplay); to hear the mass; and my “funny perfect struggle”, to buy my own cake! Hehe Plus, I get to reply with all the greetings I received through texts and facebook. 👌


When I think about what to wish for today, I first think of what I have now. Now, I have a happy family, cool true friends, enough-paid-stable-stressful job, and a roller coaster life.
I am truly, deeply, grateful and thankful for everything.

I am blessed.

I wish to find true love. (#SaTamangPanahon)

More than that, I couldn’t ask for more.

remilucine 💋