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Just Being Alone

Still Christmas time! But, I am here alone. Laying, writing. I just finished reading the pages of Yes! Magazine featuring AlDub.

We suppose to attend mass together with my Mom and my elder sister but, unfortunately, hindi kinaya ng oras at hindi pa ako naliligo, so I would just attend the next mass.

Okaaay. So being alone here, I am writing this “lonely sessions” (haha! Bago nanaman) and tell you how introvert I am (i frequently read this “introvert” but i never been so familiar with it, pero dahil alam ko na ngayon, gagamitin ko na sya! Hehehee)

If I would to choose talaga,  I prefer being alone. You know what? I can spend the whole day watching, texting, surfing, reading, sleeping and do it again. I can go shopping alone. I wanted to try watching movie alone. Eating alone. But not, eating alone at malls or restos. I really cannot eat alone on public places. Especially at malls and restos. Ewan ko, parang ang lungkot lang. Parang ang tanga tignan.

And the fact that I am alone, I feel free. I can do the things I wanted to do, like to talking to myself in front of the mirror (withous any fear of being caught), doing selfies, videos, recording, being emo, daydreaming and so much more. I can share my thoughts out loud, to the people I know, and the events happening around me. My what ifs, the it should be this and that, the musts, the choices, how should I react, what should I say, how should I say it, what to feel. Just everything and anything.

What I like about myself, is I am not getting tired nor  bored of being alone. In fact, being alone for a day is way too short.

Not being so funny here, but I can live by myself with just a book or something to read, good music, internet, movies, bed and foods.

If I was just a little braver, I wanted to do travelling alone. Pero dahil takot sa mga taong hindi ko kakilaka and I am a little judgemental by face, I wasn’t able to try travelling alone yet. Pero gusto kong itry soon.

For me being just alone, is just being me. I got to do everything. Tryin put this and that, thinking about falling inlove, the future, what’s tomorrow be like, just random.

Well, I am not pretty sure what to say or to write rather, I just wantrd to pin this day of being alone. Most of the times, I chose to lie just to be alone and left, because it me and it makes me happy, a little sentimental, a bit private, I guess.

This is my escape, my reflections, myself.
This makes me the define the whole me that the rest of the world don’t know.

the loner,
remilucine 💋

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Merry Christmas !

Here’s how I spent my Christmas Eve and Christmas year 2015:

The Christmas Eve
I woke up by the call of my little cutie patotie, in his most clearer way of saying my nickname, that goes “tsi-tsi”, which should be “Chin-Chin”. What a sweet morning 💖

For an unusual morning, I ate breakfast today. Well, I am always been random about eating breakfast but not my stomach. (Urrgh. the struggle is real. srsly) I ate Pancit Sotanghon and two Buchi of diffrent flavors, all from Buchi King. PS. Thanks for the four pieces of Buchi as your Christmas treat! #yum

At 11, my Ate and I, went to the supermaket to buy Pita Breas of our Shawarma Noche Buena. Unfortuantely, the bread is unavailable, ao we have to take a jeepmey to go to the next supermarket. We bought the last piece. swertihan! And, the hidden agenda, Starbucks, to complete the stickers for the planner. i know Ate wants that … 😆 Going back home was too traffic since it was the final Christmas rush 🚥🚦

By afternoon, we got to watch EB’s Kalyeserye. not a #TeamReplay again 👍 In between commercials, my Ate and I clean our car and remove the seat covers. #pawis hahahahaa!

After watching TV, I decided to sleep for a long time. I woke up evening, and finish “Superman is Back” and get bathe. lamiiig ❄ (oo, snowflake talaga 😁)

Just the usual evening, I had my dinner, asaran with Noel, and watching Primetime shows of GMA: Little Nanay & Because of You. In between commercial breaks, I switch to ABS-CBN’s Pangako Sa’yo and On the Wings of Love.

By ten PM, I help preparing for our Noche Buena.
Our dishes for tonight are: Sharwama, Puto Bungbong, Bibingka and Fruit Salad. i may not remember if i helped or not preparing our Noche Buena for the past few years, it’s like my first time today (excuse me, i not that lazy. Hey, i just dont rmmbr) 😑

We started chibugan by eleven thirty and greeting started to notify my phone.

Christmas Time on the dot
At twelve, it’s Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday Jesus !

We give gifts to each other and started opening them. 🎉🎉🎉

I was a bit sad that Tito Nenen wasn’t able to join us though it wasn’t new to me. But I just think it could be happier if we did our selfies with him …

Anyway, just so be it. It’s already two AM now. Just what like I always say, my days wasn’t extraordinary nor ordinary, but I am very #happy, #blessed & #grateful for being with the whole family tonight.

It is indeed, the most wonderful time of the year 💯

Have a great night everyone 👋

remilucine 💋

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Kwentuhan over Ulan || I

It’s raining hard today. Grabe, walang tigil ang buhos ang ulan simula kagabi hanggang ngayon. Yung ibang mga daan nga e, bumabaha na. I just came home from work. Rainy days will always be a hassle to me, but it makes my senti mode on which was my fave effect. Kaya naman, heto ako magkwe-kwento ng mga bagay-bagay, mostly hardships, na nangyari sa buhay for the past few weeks.

I very know that life wasn’t always happy nor wasn’t always sad. But things just turned a hundred and sixty degrees unexpectedly. Hindi ako makasabay. Hindi ako makahabol. It’s one phase to another in just a minute (to exagge).

11/12 to 11/13
“Birthday leave”/ the birth of 🎉🎉🎉

It’s the Season of Magic on SM North The Block. Mickey Mouse themed Christmas! Childhood faaave 🎉🎊

Business trip to Subic / napagalitan ako ng Boss ko dahil iasag kliyente lang ang napuntahan ko (I was at steak for the 2nd time around) / i got to spend a lot of time with my fave guys with Shaykey’s and lots of kwentuhan (Ang saya. Sobra 👌)

A week later …
Unexpected Memo kung saan nakalist down ang mga mistakes nila Ate Neri, Ate Eleen at Arvin (nakakagulat. unexpected e.)/ the same week, ayon at ayon ang pinag-uusapan namin. (yung kay Ate Neri, it was really out of her control.) / job ads for three new employees were posted / reshuffling of clients have been in murmurs

Spending victory with one LET PASSER Barkada. 5 hours unstoppable kwentuhan, kalokohan, tawanan. SUPERB 👊
#happinessoverload 💞

Jolly Breakfast with my fave bunch of guuuys 👌 || made into its perfection to start the day with a smile 🌸🌸🌸

Memo of Reshuffling of Clients has been emailed down from the Management (malungkot. dagdag trabaho. pero syrempre kakayanin. I don’t have choice) / Resignation in talks every minute (nakakrinde.) / Everythings very obvious who stays and whose terminated (stupid decisions from the top management. #sadtruth)

Ate Neri and Arvin got terminated but they draw their resignation instead. (nakakaiyak. nakakalungkot. sayang. ayoko ng desisyon nila.) Nakakamiss agad Ate Neri is my super bestfriend in the office and a very happy-go-lucky outside the office. Sobrang komportableng kasama. Patanga-tanga pero nakakatuwa.

Happy Bitrthday to my fave newphew, Baby Noel. Two years old ka na. 🎂🎈🎈

High tension and intemse awkwardness sorrounds the office. Nobody talks. Every mouth shuts up / those childish things I cannot really tolerate parinigang umaatikabo. 😧

SB with my new uwian buddy, Joyce! Mahaba-habang kwentuhan over Frap and Donut for around two hours. Partida, maghapon kaming magkasama sa office. Haha!

SPCL Lunch Meeting. Domo agarigato gozaimazsu 👘 / raining hard (keep safe and dry Pinas!)

Many things have happened for over just a month. And it’s not just fas-moving for me, it turned out upside down, sideways, flipped over, a hunderd eighty deegres to a three hundred and sixty.

But to whatever life can be–happiness, sadness, easy difficult, and unto its unexpectable ways–get yourself ready and be stronger like you’ve never been.

Life moves on and so we must too.

remilucine 💋

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This wasn’t the first time that I try to write for my second talk. But today, I have decided to write this one randomly. I guess, I already wrote three topics on my mind, trying to analyze what’s good for my second post. And because, not everyting that was planned out goes the way it should be, let’s get random and see the surprise 🎉🎉🎉

today, I don’t have to report to work due to the bad weather. I am happy for that since I am getting a quite lot of time to rest. Actually, the weather and nothing-to-do keeps my laziness and I am here stuck on my bed, Spotyfy-ing.

Bed weather x Good Music 👍

Wanna know what my day was after today has ended? Keep in touch guys!

Good morning! 🔅 Rise and Shine 🌸🌻🌼🌹

remilucine 💋