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Second to last day of the month today! And, here! I am writing about how my life gets through for the whole January in five basic emotions that we all have watched from Disney’s Inside Out.

02/366 • Spending the rest of the afternoon with my best-est boyfriends and an add-on 💖👌👊 Oh, thay failed graham balls was a whole lot of fun 😂 and the super late dinner, porkchop & egg from Tudings. The first I ever match vinegar, porkchop, egg and fried rice.

24/366 • Divisoria with Omma & Unnie. Bili bili lang. Gala gala lang. At walang hanggang paikot-ikot para sa isang Monopoly na borad game. Hahahahaa 😅 Kapagood! Whew 😧 Quality time with my favorite women of my life 💞 and a treat dinner at a Korean Resto! Anneoyeonghaseyeo!

29/366 • Dine out with my looves/girlfriends at The Cabin, a burger stop. Our first ever meeting for 2016. Missed my girls so much. Gotta catch up with them with a very sulit at sarap burger and a free pink lemonade 🍔🍋 San Mig Flavored Drink 🍋🍻

Another sumbong.
Ate Neri left our group chat.

Bussiness trip with Ms. M. (I really never wanted to go on a business trip and do sales. Not really my forte. Uuuuughhh. 😷😷😷)

Joyce’ OT everyday.
To myself, not being a morning person. 😪
Being out of the office the whole day travelling with M-san for meetings and going back to office after five and see your emails bursting out 😩:oops:😵😒😫

Being left … 🙈🙉🙊

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Lesson #1: Don’t get too attached.

or … Never get too attached.

Ayon. May hugot. Hahahhaa.
Hmm. Paano ko ba to sisimulan. Hindi ko alam. Sa dinami-dami ng umiikot sa loob ng utak ko at nararamdan ng puso ko, halu-halo na. It’s a mixed emotions. 😵

Kwento na lang muna ako, maybe I can get to the point. 😧
This is my first employment to where I am working now and I have this very cheerful, kalog, loka, tanga-tanga, co-employee who is a few months ahead of me when she started working at our company (but now she’s not anymore).

For a year na magkasama kami sa trabaho, hindi lang kami magkatrabaho. Naging magkaibigan, magkakampi. We are so fit at each others company. We done so much happy trips: foodtrips, travel, kwentuhan, lokohan, tawanan and so on. Para sakin, parang walang bad mem’ries. There maybe some tampuhan, or hindi pagkakaintindihan, but it won’t last long, kasi, hindi din naman namin matiis ang isa’t isa. I found my comfort in her, honestly.👌 Work gets light when we’re together.

But, for a very disappointing decision from the management, she was suppose to be terminated but instead she draw her resignation, not to make bad record. And then, that’s it. The friendship is over.

Though, for a few weeks, we were bit clingy to each other, dahil hindi naman ako sanay na wala siya. Dahil araw-araw kami ang nauuna sa office, mag-aalmusal, magkkwentuhan at kung ano-ano pa, we were a bit clingy even she’s not around. Magka-text. Magka-chat. Comment, comment.

Until, ako na lang nag-rereach out. Ako na lang kumocontact. Nagtetext. Nagpaplano kung kelan kami magkikita. And worst, she’s lying at us.

Masakit.Because when I thought that we’re friends and the trust is there. I am wrong. Then, I realized, I should get over her.

I don’t want dramas. Lets get real. Ayaw nya, edi wag.
Though it hurts, but what’s the point? Ayaw na nga e. Edi stop. Don’t hurt yourself. You cannot control everything. All you have to do is accept and be happy, after all, it wasn’t you who left. It was her. It was her choice, her decision and 99% she’s happy with it.

And, recently, she just left at our group chat.
Now, I am a hundred and one percent sure, she doesn’t even wanted to us, be a part of her present. Well, we’re in the past, but we might be forgotten.

Sad but true. And that is what you call real life.
People come and go.

I don’t know why, I am always being left when I invest my attahment for someone. It’s not like I have a choice to make that someone important to me, but because my heart feels that way. At sabi nga nila, hindi natuturuan ang puso. Tingin ko nga. That is why, I go for this: “Never get too attached.”

Masakit ang maiwan.

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“Ang paghihirap at kaunting pagtitiis ang naglilitas sa atin.”

Know what? I always do believe sa kasabihan na: “Nasa tao ang gawa, nasa Diyos ang awa.” in English: “Do your best, and God will do the rest.”

But. I wasn’t until I reach my college year. Way before, I was shy type kinda student on my elementary days, but I am a good one 👌 Then, I became a carefree/careless/easy-going/happy-go-lucky highschool girl. Until, college changes everything about me being a student.

I became one studious kolehiyala. From buying every books, requirements, being punctual (most of the time), advance reading, midnight reviews, prepared assignments, perfecting the exams and so on …

And yes, every effort was paid off. Good grades, once a Dean’s Lister, a graduate.

Thank God, indeed 🙏☝
• • •

When I thought that my “effort” is enough to make my road to success be smoother, it wasn’t. It’s more than just a rocky road or turns after turns. It was uphill, downhill, traffic, a total unfair (I think). I feel so much depressed and hopeless being jobless for more than six months.

Crying everynight was the very best part of releasing all my desperations.

And, I think, this is no just about working hard. This is about faith. Pananampalataya, Tiwala, Pag-asa.

When I thought that God is so unfair about me, He wasn’t. When I thought that God don’t care about me, He wasn’t. Naniwala ako sa sinansabi nilang: “God is busy writing your story.” I think He really did.

He is the only person who sees me at my worst days. The One I can talk about my heartaches. He hears me all over again in my endless dramas. He sees me in my worst, but He have me nothing but the very best. (Not just for me, but for everyone. because, factly, he truly loves us. believe me.)

Until on my very worst day, a few days later, I got employed.
That was one of the best moments of my life because its a dream come true. Its the next path that should be taken.
And I really thank Him, and promise to Him.

PUSH! “Pray Until Something Happens.”

• • •

Dati ko na tong nasabi sa isang recitation sa English subj ko: “In this world, we cannot get all the things that we wanted to have.” pero, gusto kong dagdagan ito.

“But, with passion, perseverance, and faith, as long as its not bad, as long as it was not for only thy self, you can have it. Maybe not the way you wanted it to be, but maybe more than the way you wanted it to be — because God knows how much you deserve it.”

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2016 New Year’s Resolution

It’s the third day of the new three hundred sixty-six days of 2016.
I am so happy that the first three days of this year was spent awesome 👌
It’s a great start of the year indeed 🎉

This year, I have thought of a perfect new year’s resolution. I have never been so serious of my new year’s resolution but this time I’ll make it real and try harder to do it.

1) Hindi na ako male-late “ever” sa pagpasok ko sa trabaho. Lalo na sa shuttle service.
This means, that I will not be able to spend PHP60.00 almost everyday for a special ride sa trisikel. #tipid 👍

2) Lose weight.
Hindi ito ang unang pagkakataon na sinabi ko to sa sarili ko. Hahahaaaa 😆 As far as I remember, this was one of my last year’s resolution but I haven’t make it since I am so much enjoying yung sarap ng buhay na nakakasweldo. I have also tried gym for a day, pero kahit motivated na ako, sobrang nakakapagod at ang sakit sa katawan on my first day. And then I told myself, “Sige. after my birthday.” Kaso di ko talaga kaya. Hahahahhaa 😫 Pero eto na talaga … HOPEFULLY 🙏 👊

3) TRAVEL ! ! !
Actually, hindi ko sya para sa New Year’s Resolution e. This one’s a very dream of mine. Gusto kong libutin ang buong mundo. Pero, sa ngayon, Pilipinas muna. This year, I wanted to travel at least one place. Ang target ko, VIGAN. If not, at least quite far, quite new. The one I have never been before. #hopefullyulit 🙏😇

4) Attend Mass
This is suppose to be “Attend Mass once a week (Sat/Sun)pero dahil I fail to do so, I still try to work on it. To be honest, I always feel fullfilled whenever I visit the house of the Lord, but then sometimes, schedules overlapped (in its most uncontrollable way 😵). But anyway, I can always talk to Him every night ☝

… there you have it!

These were quite few, but everything needs an extra effort, time, motivation to do so, I guess. Heheheee *cross fingers* Hopefully, by the end of the year, I can share you a positive result.

Let’s all wait and see. I really can’t wait too. 🙂

May you have one great 366 days ahead! 🍻

remilucine 💋

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Napakadaming pangyayari ang nangyari sa buhay ko sa nakaraang taon. Each day of the last three hundred sixty five days has been a hell of a ride. But, for me, it was amazing. Sabi nga nila, “Experience is the best teacher” and I always live with this perspective. Indeed, I have enjoyed this “hell of a ride”, though I’ve been hurt, been sad, feared, broken, betrayed, etc.

For the last 365 days, here’s my favorite moments among all:

1) Summer Travel Destination 2015: Baguio City 🌲
Eto na ata ang pinakamasayang araw ng buhay ko sa taong 2015. This is my first travel with my favorite girls to be with. Hindi ako makapaniwala na nakapunta akong ng ganong kalayo without Mom around me, and for me, achievement to! Pangarap ko to e, and finally, little by little, I am doing this my own. YAAAAASS 👌👊

2) Matabungkay Beach Resort at Lian, Batangas
Another “Summer Travel Destination 2015” with my workmates. I love swimming since natutunan ko lumangoy within my risk, of course. Now, I love being in the pool & beach 🌊

3) Vans’ Minnie Mouse Pair
My first ever Vans. I also got their Mickey Mouse Backpack. 💖

4) Art In Island
Tiresome but definitely sulit. Mapapagod ka kaka-pose. But, it one of the best quality time with the fambam ever 👪

5) Fireworks Display at SM City Sta. Rosa
Hindi ko alam sa sarili pero nakakabata para sa akin ang fireworks. I feel so happy, free and beautiful. Nakaka-amaze 😍😍😍 Bukod sa fireworks, gustong-gusto ko din ng lobo, bubbles and flowers. 🎆🎈🌷🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼

6) Mami Lenie @ 50 🎂🎉🎉🎉
The first time we ever made Mom a surprise. Seeing her happy so early in the morning is a total relief. Love you Mi 💋💞

7) And, all the times I got to spend quality times with my Mom, Unnie, Tito Nenen, Noel, girlfriends and boyfriends, Joyce and the Barangay Borja family; with the times I got to spend time with myself, when I chose to be alone.

We all know that it wasn’t always happy and easy, there were also times that the situations that life offers wasn’t that good, we felt sad, frustrated, disappointed, feared, down, it was all in the past anyways. Through it, we see that we are tough, we are strong, brave … enough, and we learned from it.

Pero, palaging kong sinasabi sa isip ko, “At the end of the day, masasabi ko na, masaya pa din ako. Thankful, grateful, and blessed pa din ako sa Diyos.” Dahil, naniniwala ako na, hindi tayo bibigyan ng Diyos ng pagsubok na hindi natin kaya.


Ten minutes before the 2nd day of 2016!

remilucine 💋