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Last day of Feb. 🎉 And here’s my entry:

β€’Dine-out with Bhe and Nie at Greenwich Savemore 🍕🍝🍗 Planned out Ilocos Norte travel 👊👊👊 Oh pretty please?!? Matuloy sana! 🙏
02/16 & 02/22 Seeing Ate Neri twice: with Joyce though we didn’t get time to talk since the mall is going to closed and I am so late 😧😤😥 & only me- we got to talk about eveything tgat happens within the office because se knows to well what we feel.
02/25 & 02/27 Two days in a row of tambay: with Vin & Nie– tambay kami kina Drew and we got to talk about Drew’s happy love, nakapagvideoke na naman ang mga kaibigan kong saksakan ng galing kumanta (totoo. Promise βœ‹). And just last Saturday, kila Nie, movie marathon, Greenwich ulit (seems like it a fave barkada food, but i dont think so 😐), chikahan, Sagada naman ang plano Hahahahhaa 😨 And I got to see Drew’s new love. Much happy for him. 💘
02/26 On the Wings of Love Finale. Jusko Jaaaaaamesss 💞💞💞
02/28 Another #fambamlove 💓💕💗💘💝💞💟 Lunch out at a Korean Resto in Tagaytay. Truly blessed ☝

Napagalitan si Joyce.
Missing Charles so much (how i wish he misses us too 💔)
G and his girlfriend together #sawi 😂

to Ms. M, yung pagbubukas mo ng mga gamit na nagkaayos at nakatiklop sa mall, paki balik din po sa ayos. Yes, it’s the sales lady’s work, but c’mon have some manners, please. 😠
to Y-san, no compliments, no promotions, just be good. 😒
to Ms. B, saying sorry isn’t a bad word. Learn to say it sincerely. Admiting your mistake will never be wrong. 👊

Again, business trip with Ms. M. F*ck, she was just dragging me all along. 😳
Ms. B & Ms. A, pakikisama attitude. They just don’t belong and they make themselve don’t belong. What the h!!!?
Company dinner which I never enjoyed 😝

being insulted again. Eff this big body 💩

Madami pa din ang happy memories ko πŸ™‚ Masyado lang ata nakaka-stress etong buwan na ‘to. Lalong lalo na sa opisina. But anyways, as I have always say, it wasn’t always light & carefree, syempre, may mga challenges din at baka eto na yon.

I passed thru it and I think I survived ✊
Buti na lang at 29 days lang ang Pebrero. Hahahaha 😅

remilucine 💋

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“First Love Never Dies” (It Does.)

Hello February! Hey guys! Hi to my first post of the month! 🎉🎊
Dahil ang Pebrero ay “Buwan ng mga Puso”, let’s talk about love 💖

Pero parang mukhang hindi naman “about love” ang title ng blog na ito. Hehehe ✌ Well, this is not also a “bitter” blog. I will just somehow prove to you (as I have experienced) that “First Love Do Dies.”

If you think that I can say first love do dies because I am in a relationship, sorry guys, you’re wrong.

I am in my happy-single-life.

(as of the moment … )

I was in my freshmen year in highschool when I started to know what love is and I had fallen with this meztiso boy, a year young from my age, and my classmate of the same section. Since he was my first love (i am pretty sure he was), and it was my first experience about love, I don’t know how to manage my feelings very well–like about how not to get hurt, how to let him know, or should I let him know–everything the how to’s about love–or just everything about love.

At first I decided not to let anyone know, but you know what they say: “Walang sikretong hindi nabubunyag.” And so I spilled it. Well, syempre, udyukan, asaran, mga bata e. I can hardly remember if I like it or not when my classmates teased me with that uuuuuyyyyyyy. It’s annoying but somehow kilig if I think of it now. 😁😁

Things just don’t go smooth in this first time love experience. My “first love story” was like a teleserye. When the one that I love, loves someone else, and that someone else loves by another guy, but that someone else loves back my love. It’s a win-win situation for my “first love” and that someone else, but for me and the other boy it was the other way around–a total unfair. The saddest part is, that other boy and that someone else, were both my friends, my classmates. A. Perfect. Tragedy. 😨

I’ll continue the story because the next scenes (for me) are gonna be interesting!

Until one day, I decided to tell him the truth. –that I love him.
Yes, I did. After class, I head go straight to where his tricycle service is waiting for him, and I got a help from one very good friend to tell him I am waiting there. When he comes, I somehow feel hesistant, pero sabi ko sa sarili ko: “I have decided. Eto na yon. Umamin ka na. Sabihin mo na.” Because, at some corners of my brain, I think (maybe) it can make a difference. So, I did. I tell him. “Mahal kita.” I don’t wait him answer. I left him there not knowing what he thinks or if he’s frozen, flustered, shock, or what. And I don’t remember where’d I go. Hahahaa. (this was 8 years ago!)

Sadly, that don’t make a difference. He still love that someone else. Kasi, hindi naman natuturuan ang puso. Believe me.

So, I decided to move on.
And I did. Mahabang panahon ang kailangan, kulang ang tatlong buwang sinasabi nila. Marahil dahil first time ko sa ganitong pakiramdam. Time heals.

One factor siguro nabibilangin ko to prove that “First Love Do Dies” ay itong naka-move on na ko. Yung perfectly wala ka nang nararamdaman kapag naakidenteng nagkita kayo, o kaya yung hindi ka na nag-iisip na “paano kung naging kami?” o di kaya yung pakiramdam na hindi mo sya naiisip o hinahanap.

Pero yung pinaka-patunay ko is that we are of the same circle of friends. Barkada. We have been together making a whole lot of fun for around five years or more now, together with four more guys and for me that was amzaing. Maybe a total relief na din kasi I am not stuck inΒ  him forever.

Just right now, I think, I. Am. Awesome. Aren’t I? Hahahahhaaa πŸ˜‰

Ayon, napa-kwento na ako. 🙊✌
I will always remember my first love, because he was the first. But the love (as opposite gender) do dies. Kasi kung hindi, then we won’t find the one we have today. Di ba?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
Spread the love 💓💕💞

remilucine 💋