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Holy Week 2016

This Holy Week is one of the productive holy weeks I had ever remember. Honestly, I do’t even remeber one, except from doing the Alay-lakad.

Since it was only Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday that is a National Holiday, I still have to report to work from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday. I am a bit productive at work (because I have to 😵) but still, I do not finish what I have to finish before taking the holiday off. 😥

•Maundy Thursday•
The annual Alay Lakad
We walked from 9PM and get back home at 3AM.
Sa sobrang dami ng tao, sa Pacita pa lang pila na. The line was so long, good thing out eyes caught by funny spellings named by the vendors’ paninada that entertains us. Like iPet (ipit) o pantali sa buhok (read as iPhone/iPad) tsenelas, (read as tse-nelas) tse/che, a mataray o masungit o bwisit pinoy expression & leggins (kulang ng g)
Reset assured the when you get to Lolo Uweng, every pagod is healed and worth tiring for. 🙏☝

At dahil, kasama namin si MJ this time. We stopped at Shakey’s to get something to eat, just to make MJ a little full since its really along walk from home to landayan before we get back to home by walking again.

Special mention to my cousin Mamay for the treat. Thanks a bunch 💋

•Good Friday•
I still have hangover by the Alay Lakad we had few hours ago, but I have to push myself to wake up and get bathe because we are going to San Mateo, Rizal to visit my elder cousin and see her new baby girl.
It’s my first time to travel to San Mateo, Rizal. Definitely a long road from Laguna, but I got to see many things and fulfill my love for travelling. The road was so steep because they say, where near at the foot of the mountain. The weather was still hot since its summer.
We stayed for a few hours at my cousin’s house and travel to Manila.
On travel to Manila, we were “toured” along Marikina, sightseeing, by my Uncle for us to see the famous places in their years.
After we dropped of my Tita and pamangkins in Manila, we drive back home.

•Black Saturday•
It wasn’t as productive as the past two days. Well, I decided not to. Maybe I get tired for the long trips we had for the past two days and I need a rest.
I had time for myself. I watch, selfie, record a video of me singing and read. Just a chillax saturday. ✌✌

•Easter Sunday•
Happy Easter everyone 🎉
Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay 🙏
God has risen 👊☝

Today is a productive easter sunday. Me and my family will be attending a birthday celebration and baptism of the newest little member of the fambam Rafael Luca 🎊🎂🎈
The birthday celeb happened in Jollibee Paseo. The motif is Star Wars.
Everyone got “Star Wars” themed shirts as souviniers.
In the afternoon, the christening takes place at Don Bosco Church in Sta. Rosa and we had some more quality fambam time at my Ninang‘s house.

Rafael is such a sweetie. He always smiles to everyone. He’s jolly and cheerful as her mom says. I got to carry him in my arms and play with him for quite sometime. He’s such a cutie and lovely. :)💘

● ● ●
Tomorrow, for most employed, is a get-back-to-reality just like me. 😆

I hope everyone spent their Holy Week they way Jesus wants it to be and the way we wanted it to be.
Remembering the sacrifices of Jesus and praising Him as He has risen.


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Lesson #2: Take A Break (once in a while)

Hello March 🎉
Today, I don’t go to work because I am not feeling well. Last night I have this “severe” headache, yung parang binabarena yung utak ko, I was on the middle of watching GMA’s Because of You, I decided not to finish the soap dahil hindi ko na kaya at ang choice ko na lang ay matulog so that I can’t feel the pain.

Earlier today, my clock alarms, it was 7AM, (i am going to be late again), and I really feel somehow the same sick like last night. I get up from my bed trying to push myself to go to work, but my mind tells me “NO”. And so I did. Bumalik ako sa kama ko, nahiga, nagtext ako sa mga katrabaho ko at sa boss ko that I am not going to report to the office today.

It’s been about three months na wala akong absent after taking leave on my birthday and the day after it. Tingin ko I need a break. To all the stressful days sa lahat ng nagyayari sa opisina. Sa totoo lang parang yung office lang yung nagbibigay ng thrill sa buhay ko. Funny thing.

Siguro nataon lang na, may sakit ako naramdaman to give myself a day-off, a little time to rest.

I am happy giving myself a break once in a while–planned or not–because I got to relax my body especially my mind. Somehow an escape to my routine. Take. A. Break. once in a while …

Hindi lang naman sa trabaho, give yourself a break, sa heartache, heartbreak, sa mga problema sa buhay, pamilya, pagkakaibigan, sa pera, sa mga bagay at pagkakataong pakiramdam mong gamit na gamit na ang utak mo kakaisip to make everything okay. Look, even if you try your very best to make everything just okay, it just can’t be. Hindi natin hawak ang mundo at ang pag-iisip ng tao. Magkakaiba tayo ng pananaw. Even if we want to make everthing okay by our own decisions, our own ways to deal with it, it just can’t be. (believe me. i have try this before. sabi nga nila: “It takes two to tango)

Giving yourself a break doesn’t mean that you gave up or you stopped. NO, guys, this just mean that you give yourself time to think, to relax, to recharge, then, you have to keep pursuing, to keep fighting on, to keep making the dreams come true, to go on.

REMEMBER: Never [ever] give up.

Just a break. Fight on. 👊

|| on play: Smile in your Heart – Ariel Rivera||

remilucine 💋