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Currently …

Hi to my blog! It’s been months since my last post and it’s kinda awkward to be back. I really have so much too tell for what happened for the few months that I haven’t been writing. Don’t worry I will be telling you them all in a different blog. 👌

I’ll be just writing anything about what’s happening right now to me, currently . . .

Currently, I am reading an ebook at my office computer entitled The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Ledger. If I’m not mistaken I am on its Chapter Four. As of the moment, the story goes on a teenage girl, Penelope, had a crush on guy named Keats, but there’s no way they can get close. She only has two friends named Audrey and Eph, but is somewhat have grown out and getting out of their trio team, so she felts so alone. I really don’t know how will the story goes out soon, well I’m sure its about love, basically heartbreak (as the title goes) but, we’ll see. Reading during office hours makes my time consume when I’m not too busy because I really don’t like to not doing anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

Currently, I am watching Korean Drama, My Lovely Girl, starring Rain of Full House and Krystal of f(x). I have downloaded it for I think a year ago, because I really like Krystal on the role she played on The Heirs, I just got too busy on work until I got tired to watch it, but now, since I don’t have any Korean Drama to watch, I started watching it. I’m on the 8th episode right now, where Rain is unsure of his feeling towards Krystal. I can’t wait for the time when Rain have to tell the truth why he is helping Krystal to fullfill her dreams or worst, Krystal might figure it our first before Rain could tell. 😶

Currently, I am strictly controlling the amount I am eating during lunch and dinner. I am making a habit of drinking milk once a day –usually before going home–, making sure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, or bits of bread when I feel like I am hungry. I try to start this because I really wanted to loose weight. I think it will be too obvious if I’m going to the gym and am too shy to admit it. So, eating just enough amount of food and less eating when I feel like hungry but not really, will be a quite help for me to loose weight. Oh, wish me real luck 👊

Currently, I enjoyed using Spotify. I got mine premium for only three months for only Php 9.00. I can download playlists for offline use. My favorite playlist is OPM Favorities, #Hugot and #WalangPasok. Before it was really unconfortable for me to listen to music when I commute, but now, I can manage it, but I have to make sure that I don’t have any handy to bring either of my hands. Hehehe 😁

Currently, I am sorting out my mind whether to end on my present job. It’s been a month since I decided to get my thoughts. I can do the work, working inside the office and the work in the office was never been an issue, my workmates we’re everything and fun, but the managers were monsters and a pain in the ass 😠 But, then I have these three signs. If these signs will happen, then I should continue for another year, and if not, then I guess the fate has decided. One sign had already happened and had me at loss. 😨 Two signs more, we’ll see 👀

So many things I enjoy doing currently except for the last one. Hahahhaa. Still, I enjoy 👐
โ–ช โ–ช โ–ช

Still, I am happy and blessed. 😇 Though currently, my life goes through different phases of emotions. Still, I got Him behind my back. 🙏
Still, I am single … 🙈 and I am still silently, quietly, hoping you’ll end up with me (hahaha. Guess the song! Clue: OPM) 😆
โ–ช โ–ช โ–ช

Will be posting an exciting blog soon! I am too excited to write about it as much as I got too extremely excited when I went there, and it’s gonna be, definitely one for the books โœˆ🚞 💘

R- 💋