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22 Facts about Me || Part 3

Happy one year old to 🎉🎉 *wooohoooo*
And, I just turned twenty two today! *plays 22 by Taylor Swift*

We’re down now to the last part of this facts and I am more selective to what I am going to spill out about myself ;)🙊 Hehehehe πŸ™‚

#15 Favorite Time of the Year : Christmas Day 🌲❄🌟
It’s really the most wonderful time of the year! Sharing your day with your family, giving gifypts, going to church and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Happiness is everywhere :):) Oh, those lit up sparkling lights, the cool breezy Christmas air 💚

#16 Dogs 🐾🐾🐾
I love dogs. Suddenly missing my favourite dog, Raichu, who passed away a couple of years ago. He’s been with us since I was a kid and it really broke my heart when he died. He’s short and not a furry one. He was so gwapo than any other dogs. You can hug him all you want and he never bites. *crriiii* We one little Gorio today, and he’s very malambing 💕

#17 Adventurer & Traveller 💪
I wanted to try everything. I always wanted to try something new, some thing different, something I never tried before. I am up for challenge. I remember the first time I tried hiking with my friends, it wasn’t easy though, but it was definitely a whole lot of fun πŸ™‚ I wanna do things like, cliff diving, night out, and travelling alone, and others that world has to offer 👌 I wanted to travel all the beautiful places in the Philippines and almost half of the countries around the world before I die. It’s a bucketlist, then πŸ™„

#18 God-fearing 🙇

#19 All Time Favorite Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse 🐁💘
He’s my forever and it will never be replaced! HAHAHAHA 😍
I just love everything about him and Minnie too. I will never forget the kilig they brought me when I saw them in Hongkong Disneyland. 🏰 PS. I also love his pal, Pluto, and his friends too 💞

#20 I hate cockroaches
Ewww, those flying ipis 😷

#21 I’ll go shopping alone
It’s ME time! 😁

#22 Current Fangirl-ing: James Reid 💘
Oh my heart 💘 I just love everything about him specially the way he talks. Just picturing him out makes me fall in love. I guess, his role as “Clark” on On the Wing of Love will be my forever favorite 💕 *kiligggs*
I hope to see you soon James 💋

The last fact feels so kiliigggsss! Hahahaha ✌
There you have it guys. If you wanted to know more about, ask me on twitter @remiMi_ 🐥

Happy one year β™‘ and happy 22 years to me 🎉

R- 💋

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22 Facts about Me || Part 2

*drum roll please*

#8 Beach, please! 🌊
I looves beaches. 🌴 I may not be able to wear swimsuits but I love beaches. I love the sand, the heat of the sun, the smell of the salty water, the sky, the sunrise and the sunsets 💘 Everthing the beach has to offer!

#9 I hate complications ❌
I learn to live a happy life. Well, maybe not at all times because problems to arise unexpectedly, but I would rather be giving up on what I want than to fight over it. I can have what I want when I’m alone. Simple problems has simple solutions too. If not, then, lilipas din ‘yan.

#10 All-Time favorite food: SINIGANG
I would choose sinigang over any other foods on the menu. 👌
I like it a little spicy and more “asim kilig“, lots and lots of kangkong and gabi, plenty of “sabaw”, served hot ♨ Whether it’s Sinigang na Baboy, Sinigang na Bangus o Sinigang na Hipon, I don’t mind. No more talks, as long as it’s cooked, SINIGANG 👌

#11 Buy my own car.
This has been one of my dreams when I was still a child. There are three, and those two came true just few months ago–to ride on a plane and to go to Disneyland–only this one’s left. Oh, I can’t wait to make this come true πŸ™‚ Work, work, work ⌚👜💳

#12 I love flowers 🌸🌹🌻🌼, balloons 🎈and fireworks βœ¨β‡
I am deeply inlove with flowers. It makes me feel beautiful, blissful and it makes a day brighter 🌞 Balloons, I always wanted a few on my birthdays but, nah, no one knows that πŸ˜• and fireworks, I love how loud it is, when I sw fireworks, I was always amazed, it feels so free and true just how you see it 💖

#13 First Love? Lee Min Ho 이민호
All the hearts. Heheeheee ✌ 😂
He will always be my first love from all the handsome Korean Actors of today. I watched him from Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, Faith and The Heirs. And I am so excited and I cant’t wait for The Legend of the Blue Sea that will be aired so soon! *kiliiiigggggssss*

#14 Take me to MALDIVES ✈.
I never had any places I wanted to go to add on my bucketlist after Disneyland. I read once, that every girl’s dream dreams to be in Paris, so I quite wanted to go there too. But, when I saw the beautiful pictures of Maldives, I’ll go for this one. 👌 I wanted to have a vacation in Maldives, in their most beautiful beaches and places 😍

Last Part 🔜🔜🔜

R- 💋

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22 Facts about Me || Part 1

Hello November! My birthmonth and the birth of this blog 🎉 *happy danccceee*

So, today, I will be telling few things about me, besides the truth I am trying hard-er to be a blogger. Hahahahaha ✌

#1 I am not a morning person.
I figure out this one around six or seven yeara ago when I was still a highschool student. I came always late in class or I better skip the morning classes because I was late for thirty minutes. I remember when I was in college, it was midterm week, my class was so early at 7:30 and I came late and saw my professor writing on the board, I really cry hard outside the classroom and everyone in class was so worried about me and to my surprise, our professoe was only giving a brief review for the cover of the exam and that was a relief. 😧
During weekends, I always got out of bed at 12NN and ready to eat lunch. Hahhahahaa 💪

#2 A Money-Saver
It all started with a 20-peso bill keep from my everyday baon when I was ni HS. My Kuya teaches me how and it became a habit. I don’t buy things impulsively. I always thinks if I need it or I really want it, ot if I buy it would I have enough money left, or should I save up more and buy it later. 👍

#3 My Very First Male Celebrity Crush: David Archuleta *claaapsss*
I love everything about him. 💘💘💘 (the end. :))
My favorite song is “My Kind of Perfect”. Well, it was just perfect 💖
And my favorite of his revival is “You Are My Song”, it was a childhood favorite and I bet, it will always be. 💘💘 *crriees*

#4 I would choose Carbonara over spaghetti
*slurrpsss-the-air* 😂😂
Now I crave. Hahahhaa 😂
I just love the combimation of the milk and the cheese, very creamy, and to add on the bacon, uhhh, it’s heaven πŸ˜€

#5 My love-hate relationship with the rain
I love rain, because they say it’s a blessing. I feel comforted when I am sad. It makes me kinda sentimental and reminesces good old memories. I just hate it when I have somewhere to go and it’s a gloomy one, just that, no more no less.

#6 Favorite Movie: National Treasure / Now You See Me
Nicholas Cage was so good in National Treasure. I love how the movie goes. And oh, the Four Horsemen, I was so amazed with the tricks they did from the first movie, they got me caught from the very first scene. And the card game on the sequel, it was breath-taking 🃏

#7 I am bad a doing my own nails
I can’t have my nails grow like the one I see on TVs. I can’t cut them to make them in shape so I tend to cut it sagad and let them grow again. When I don’t want to cut it, I always try to make “slowly but surely” way to put on nail polish but it always have to end up a mess. Hahahahahaha 😣

Ooops. Let’s stop here for a while. And watch out for the second part!
I will be posting it soon. Hope you guys see me interesing at the very least. Hehehheeee ✌

I had a great long weekend 👊

R- 💋