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22 Facts about Me || Part 1

Hello November! My birthmonth and the birth of this blog 🎉 *happy danccceee*

So, today, I will be telling few things about me, besides the truth I am trying hard-er to be a blogger. Hahahahaha ✌

#1 I am not a morning person.
I figure out this one around six or seven yeara ago when I was still a highschool student. I came always late in class or I better skip the morning classes because I was late for thirty minutes. I remember when I was in college, it was midterm week, my class was so early at 7:30 and I came late and saw my professor writing on the board, I really cry hard outside the classroom and everyone in class was so worried about me and to my surprise, our professoe was only giving a brief review for the cover of the exam and that was a relief. 😧
During weekends, I always got out of bed at 12NN and ready to eat lunch. Hahhahahaa 💪

#2 A Money-Saver
It all started with a 20-peso bill keep from my everyday baon when I was ni HS. My Kuya teaches me how and it became a habit. I don’t buy things impulsively. I always thinks if I need it or I really want it, ot if I buy it would I have enough money left, or should I save up more and buy it later. 👍

#3 My Very First Male Celebrity Crush: David Archuleta *claaapsss*
I love everything about him. 💘💘💘 (the end. :))
My favorite song is “My Kind of Perfect”. Well, it was just perfect 💖
And my favorite of his revival is “You Are My Song”, it was a childhood favorite and I bet, it will always be. 💘💘 *crriees*

#4 I would choose Carbonara over spaghetti
*slurrpsss-the-air* 😂😂
Now I crave. Hahahhaa 😂
I just love the combimation of the milk and the cheese, very creamy, and to add on the bacon, uhhh, it’s heaven 😀

#5 My love-hate relationship with the rain
I love rain, because they say it’s a blessing. I feel comforted when I am sad. It makes me kinda sentimental and reminesces good old memories. I just hate it when I have somewhere to go and it’s a gloomy one, just that, no more no less.

#6 Favorite Movie: National Treasure / Now You See Me
Nicholas Cage was so good in National Treasure. I love how the movie goes. And oh, the Four Horsemen, I was so amazed with the tricks they did from the first movie, they got me caught from the very first scene. And the card game on the sequel, it was breath-taking 🃏

#7 I am bad a doing my own nails
I can’t have my nails grow like the one I see on TVs. I can’t cut them to make them in shape so I tend to cut it sagad and let them grow again. When I don’t want to cut it, I always try to make “slowly but surely” way to put on nail polish but it always have to end up a mess. Hahahahahaha 😣

Ooops. Let’s stop here for a while. And watch out for the second part!
I will be posting it soon. Hope you guys see me interesing at the very least. Hehehheeee ✌

I had a great long weekend 👊

R- 💋


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