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22 Facts about Me || Part 3

Happy one year old to 🎉🎉 *wooohoooo*
And, I just turned twenty two today! *plays 22 by Taylor Swift*

We’re down now to the last part of this facts and I am more selective to what I am going to spill out about myself ;)🙊 Hehehehe 🙂

#15 Favorite Time of the Year : Christmas Day 🌲❄🌟
It’s really the most wonderful time of the year! Sharing your day with your family, giving gifypts, going to church and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Happiness is everywhere :):) Oh, those lit up sparkling lights, the cool breezy Christmas air 💚

#16 Dogs 🐾🐾🐾
I love dogs. Suddenly missing my favourite dog, Raichu, who passed away a couple of years ago. He’s been with us since I was a kid and it really broke my heart when he died. He’s short and not a furry one. He was so gwapo than any other dogs. You can hug him all you want and he never bites. *crriiii* We one little Gorio today, and he’s very malambing 💕

#17 Adventurer & Traveller 💪
I wanted to try everything. I always wanted to try something new, some thing different, something I never tried before. I am up for challenge. I remember the first time I tried hiking with my friends, it wasn’t easy though, but it was definitely a whole lot of fun 🙂 I wanna do things like, cliff diving, night out, and travelling alone, and others that world has to offer 👌 I wanted to travel all the beautiful places in the Philippines and almost half of the countries around the world before I die. It’s a bucketlist, then 🙄

#18 God-fearing 🙇

#19 All Time Favorite Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse 🐁💘
He’s my forever and it will never be replaced! HAHAHAHA 😍
I just love everything about him and Minnie too. I will never forget the kilig they brought me when I saw them in Hongkong Disneyland. 🏰 PS. I also love his pal, Pluto, and his friends too 💞

#20 I hate cockroaches
Ewww, those flying ipis 😷

#21 I’ll go shopping alone
It’s ME time! 😁

#22 Current Fangirl-ing: James Reid 💘
Oh my heart 💘 I just love everything about him specially the way he talks. Just picturing him out makes me fall in love. I guess, his role as “Clark” on On the Wing of Love will be my forever favorite 💕 *kiligggs*
I hope to see you soon James 💋

The last fact feels so kiliigggsss! Hahahaha ✌
There you have it guys. If you wanted to know more about, ask me on twitter @remiMi_ 🐥

Happy one year ♡ and happy 22 years to me 🎉

R- 💋


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