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How I have been?

Hey there dear blog! I am so sorry for bring idle for the past couple of months. But now I am back with vengeance. Joke *peace sign*

I really tried to carry out doing my three-part ‘Facts About Me’ blog post in celebration my blog’s one-year old. *insert birthday cake and balloons emoji*

I have been so busy lately –getting quite much stress from work, bonding with my favorite circle of friends, playing with my cutie-patootie nephew, Noel, watching teleseryes and Korean Drama, building blocks, reading mags, and overthinking too much.

Now let’s go back in time.

Let’s start to the most wonderful time of the year, December 2016 *insert snowflake and pine tree emoji* to 2017 *fireworks!*


Last year’s December was a bit different unlike any December for the past years beside the fact that it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

At office, we had Monito-Monita every Saturday, for the first time.

I had seven out of nine completed mass of Misa De Gallo and spent the last mass/last day of work with my current favorite person/bully-buddy.

The first time I genuinely enjoyed the company’s Christmas party from the kiddie games, a slide to the pool, never forget the Inuman sesh, and the karaoke –that made me feel I am the vocalist of the band head-banging while singing #whenalcoholhitsyou *OOPS.*

Stressful gifts shopping for the fam and the co-workers. Stressful. Yes, you read it right, ‘coz I never have the eye on what to gift for someone unless I know what cartoon they like. But, whew, I gave everyone a present last Christmas. *achievement unlocked*

Cooked desserts for Noche Buena. I am not apprentice this time. HAHAHA. Will be taking over the kitchen! Got it wrong frequently with the measurement of the ingredients because I was so excited/nervous/”iwishitwillturnoutwell*fingerscrossed* –doing it for the first time in forever. Relieved that the Apple Crumble turned out good but not the sweet they wanted. The Maja Blanca turned too sweet that you cannot eat another one consecutively, so that’s a fail and it’s Mom’s fault. *peace* The gift-giving was my favorite part. Surprised that Kuya has a gift for everyone. Of course, Mom helped him to pick one because it’s not really his thing. *sorry kuya, just telling the truth here. but, thanks a bunch* Thumbs-up.

Divisoria shopping with Mom. Bought three building blocks, my current interest.I have build a sweet shop, more looks like a Dunkin Donut stall and a cake shop. Visit my Instagram @remimi_ to see these lego Mini Shops. Finally, I have my flower crown after Mom lost the first one we bought. I don’t know why I always wanted to have one. I guess to make myself a Dyosa or at least feel like one lol because I do believe that flowers are always be beautiful so I think it would make me one lol xx

New Year’s eve routine? Watch KBS Drama Awards. Sad that Uncontrollably Fond didn’t won any awards. It was one of the KDramas that I won’t forget. It gives me feels every episode and Kim Woo Bin as Shin Joon Young was in his best acting I ever watched.


New Year’s Day with the Best-est guys eveeerrr! I always gets kiligs with these bunch of handsome. Thinking that we are on our seven years of friendship since 2011. We have grown from these highschoolers to professionals. Wooow. I guess some people never change. #prendsporber #forkeeps #cheerstosevenyearsandbeyond

Second day of the new year with my #forevergirlfriends. The usual bond? Kainan! We do mandatory monthly catch-up so we cannot miss each other very much. Facebook group chats were our thing. We never fails to catch-up each other even over the phone. I can’t wait to out next trip together after our Baguio City way back 2015. Ilocos here we goooooo!

The start of the new year have been so good to me but who knows if it will be all through out the year. I guess unexpected heartbreaks could happened but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. Heartbreakingly (if there’s a word like this), I got silent war with my current fave person/bully-buddy, and she texted me with the most unacceptable message I ever had never received. It tears me up so much. I was crying like a kid whose parents won’t buy the doll she wanted to have. I slept with my tears falling. I clear myself for every sentence of her message and I saw her tear up in front of me that makes me broke inside. It’s lasts for week and I miss her and I miss her every single day. Felt touched, by the next Monday, she came to me trying to help me with some email issues, and told me she missed me (and so I am), teared with the first conversation we had after the silent week, and laugh like nothing happened. Yes, we craaazzzeeeyyyy.


There I have been.