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Calaca, Batangas


Last January 13, together with By and Arra, we visited Arra’s province, Batangas.
From office, we traveled two hours to Balayan, Batangas via van. It was just two hours but since it was our first time to go there, I think it is more than just a couple of hours. Hehehe (you know, it’s always like that for first timers *wink*) We have’t take a nap during that couple of hours travel because we have many things to talk about in and out of the office. When we get to Balayan, we waited for our motorcycle service, care of, Arra’s cousin, Tiano and uncle, Kuya Ariel. I was really nervous, though it wasn’t my first time to hitch on a motorcycle but, I was not that trustful enough (hey, i can’t be on an accident right now!) But, because I was left with no choice, I don’t to be a brat (because I am not one), even my heart was pounding so much, I rode it alone. By and Arra was on the other motorcycle.My heart was still pounding so much (and it never gets tired all way long), until be reach the highway. When I thought the we are so near, when I saw the ark of Calaca, Batangas, well, we not, we are still not yet there.
Setting my nervousness aside and the sound of my so-hard pounding heart, I was impressed and amazed with the full moon and its light with the clouds distant with it and the dark sky the makes the moon lit so bright. Yea,I really enjoyed the ride and I was smiling from ear to ear, so full of myself, forgetting the throb. I don’t know how long the ride is (but I am pretty sure it was a long ride), and finally, we reach Arra’s house.
We rest for quite sometime and eat dinner (we haven’t eat yet since we out from the office. tag-gutom bes!)
Then, we are set to have fun in Perya (Funfare). Since, Calaca will be celebrating it’s feast by Sunday, there’s Perya (Funfare) in town.
Just a little fact: Perya (Funfare) is a small themed park build during fiestas that has not-so extreme ride and fun games.

We first roam around the whole place. It was not as crowded as I expected, maybe becasue it was so late night at around 11pm. The rides are already closing and the games are somehow coming to an end. We met some of Arra’s tall cousins. We just try to play with the games that are still open at that hour just to feel the fun. We popped ballos using darts and guns and played Bingo!
Then, we head back home, take rest, watch movie, and talk more. We haven’t rest that much since we arrived, so By was the first one to knock off, me and Arra still taliking and finished the movie, though we didn’t understand at all. Arra’s cousins we’re still at the corridor (taliking bout their curennt love issues, oh, kids!)
We slept at 2AM, compressed in Arra’s bed. HAHAHAHA.

We woke up late the next day. I really wanted to stay in bed, I feel so sleepy. When Ruby called Arra, informing her that it’s like Otep was outside.
Oh, Otep. Arra has been telling stories about this cutie patotiee kid that didn’t like smiling at all and even his cousins posting a bet on who’s gonna make Otep smile. And it gets us interesting, that we wanted to meet him. Now’s the time.
Just like the usual first meeting, it seems awkward I mean its awkward. I have this “giliw” thing with kids, since I am the youngest among the family, so I never played with a younger brother or sister. So, I tried to get close to Otep. And, viola, I did, we did.
Mornings with the kids! Otep was the other way around Arra told us. HAHAHAA. Otep smiles and plays with us. We also get to know Tino and rayven. Otep’s playmates, our play mates rather. The morning just goes being kid again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Because we got up so late (than the 7AM call time), and we are so pumpled up playing with the kids that we never get tired to end it, but still we ended by lunch. We freshen up and get dressed. Without eating lunch, we are on the go! Arra takes us to Niyugan still located in Calaca, Batangas. We are are hitched in three diffrent motorcycle.
I never thought that the ride there was a triple times than the ride from Balayan to Calaca. It’s like the turns and the ups & downs were endless. Arra’s says we’re at foot of the mountain.
The air is good, cool, the sorroundings are full of tress and tall grass, though the sun is so out and ou feel that the heat is striking your skin. Nevertheless, it was fun. And the fact that I love long roads/rides, its fullfillng.
It’s like an hour drive with no stop overs. (whew!)
I never get the chance to take and picture the whole ride because: 1. the throb of hitching is never comforting and 2. i am not brave enough to loose/drop my phone. (it’s like my life has been spare everytime i get off the motorcyle whole. HAHAHAHA :D)

Brgy. Niyugan is also celebrating it’s fiesta by that time. I remember Arra when she bought cake to give to the house we are to get to. And I was like, “Bakit may pa-cake? Sinong may birthday?” then Arra explains that it’s aleays been like that. The same way with Christening and Nuptials (but still there were way more big differences, this only ones the same). And I was like okay.
Then, we ate our lunch there. HAHAHHA (that is why Ara didn’t cook us lunch, because we will be taking our lunch at her friends’ home) Hihihihi ๐Ÿ™‚
We also met her friends, Puti and Hapon. They joke around us too and tell stories about Arra wayback then. It’s like where have know each other just how long they have know Arra. Maybe Batangenos were like that, they won’t treat you other or just someone’s visitor, they’ll make you feel like you’re home. They don’t even want us to leave early or have a shot before we live. (sympre, nahiya naman kami ni By)

We left there late afternoon, and head back home. Same long roads travelled. Feels sorry to our kind motorcyle driver, Tiano. ๐Ÿ™‚
We took our short rest and then where ready to go to the sea! (wooohoooo!) Its just a short tricycle drive and a few walks.
The sand is black and not as clean as the beaches, but the smell is pure salty. It was definitely the smell of the sea! I get my feet soaked and walk quite far just as long as my shorts wouldn’t get wet.
It’s comforting just in time when I needed it. (you know, I love beaches and so is the sea!)

Next stop to the wet market. Becasue the next day will be Brgy. Dacanlao fiesta, Arra get a big help from By for the foods to be prepared.
I am trying so hard to extend a helping hand in every situation that I know I can help. Because I am not good at anything than offering a help. (and i hope i’ve helped.)
Once done, we head to the Lomihan that us featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, we’re Lomi Batangas taste so good. (though the serving is slow.)

We ordered two different type of lomi, 1. The Original Lomi and 2. they call it, Lomi Guisado.
1. The original Lomi is the usual lomi with noodles with thick sauce. For flavouring, you need to squeeze the calamansi, add few chopped chili, pour just the right amount of soysauce, mix and taste. When the taste is enough, pour some of the mixture to lomi and taste.
2. While Lomi Guisado, they called is served on a sizzling plate with vergetales topped with chicharon and few meat and the cooked noodles separated with it’s soup. How to eat? (i am not sure about this but,) just pour a bit of sabaw and and the same soysauce mixture for flavouring.
We don’t got to eat everything ‘coz we are full so we have to take out the remaining Lomi Guisado. (personally, i like Original Lomi most. swabe~~)

Last stop for the day? Back to Peryahan, becasue we don’t get to enjoyed the first day ‘coz the rides our closing, though we didn’t have much time this day too (again *sad face*). We just et Otep enjoyed the mini games we had last time and we ride the Vikings! I am not scared of extreme rides as long as I’ve got a friend whose a brave one, but there is always something to be bothered about. I am scared that the ride might get broken and led an accident. But, thank God!, nothing happens. T’was all fun!
Then, we head back home to prepare the foods to be cooked for tomorrow’s fiesta!!!

But, the night doesn’t just end finishing the chores to do and the places to go to. There is more fun awaits as the night deepens. Inuman session is definitely the night ender! This is or last night here in Dacanlao so I guess, we call a celebration! HAHAHAHA ๐Ÿ˜€
We four, have so much fun that we take the second bottle down. I was a little bit tipsy so I talk too much. HAHAHAHA. (fact) I never get drunk. Our days ends a 5AM the next day.

We supposed to wake up at 7AM the morning, but no one wanted to take the firststep to wake up. We are all glued to bed, but there is so much more to do! (“espiritu ng katamaram, lumayo ka sa amin!”)
We ahve no more but to move our butts! We went to Talipapa to buy meat for our Caldereta and Adobo (i am still in my pjs as we walk along the highway)
Had Kapeng Brarako for breakfast coffee! Beside the fact that I love coffee, the smell is so good and so pure!
Then, we started to cook. As I have mentioned earlier, I don’t know how to cook so I always find something to do that can help By and Arra. Though the meat is quite hard to soften, we still finished and prepared everything before lunch.
By three, we are so read to go home eve everyone else wants us to stay.

I bought Kapeng Barako and Atachara for pasalubong at home. Calaca’s Atachara is so good, it’s sweet and a perfect partner for Adobo *two thumbs up here, please*

It maybe a short three day trip, but it’s an escape from the stress in the city and a our first time trip together. I really did had fun!
A shoutout to Arra for taking us to her hometown and made us feel like home. Thank you ‘le beshie~ *hearts*



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