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Lagaslas Picnic Grounds, Pagsanjan

This April I had experience my first summer for this year in Pagsanjan. ☀

The whole team was meant to spend the summer outing/birthday celebration of one of the best-est guys, Drew, at Pagsanjan Falls. But, obviously, we didn’t, but, hey, I am still so happy that we get to spend this summer, 1. TOGETHER. COMPLETELY. 👌; 2. quite very far away from home 🏖; and 3, we swim with the nature 🌴 Yeeheeey 🎉🎊🙌🏽

I cannot give you the directions how to get there because we are jam-packed in a jeepney owned by the birthday boy and his uncle knows the way. I am sure that we have traveled for about two and a half hours– yea, it’s pretty far (and I love long roads and road trips), no stopovers, with a lot of tawanan, chismisan, asaran with a little nap sometime 🤣😂 no dull moments! how fun~~

Finally, we reached Pagsanjan! 🌊

As I have said, we are about to spend time in Pagsajan Falls, since it is one of the famous spots here in the Philippines, but the boat ride to get there was too expensive and everyone cannot afford to pay. Maybe will take it sometime soon but for now, Welcome to Lagaslas Picnic Grounds, Pagsanjan!

Pass through this heavy flowing current and rocky grounds to get the kubo we rented for us to get a place to stay 💦 and eat boodle! 🍚🍴🍖

Tip: remove your slippers when you pass through the currents so you won’t slip because the rocky grounds are slippery. 👍🏼


📌 This is a screenshot of an unfiltered 0.5 second video, but sadly, wordpress won’t allow me to upload since I am using the sites for free 😂

My feet felt so happy just a dipped in the cool and clean water, though I was struggling to make a step again the current and balance myself to get to the kubo. 😊

I wasn’t able to take photo with the boodle fight we had since everyone was so busy trying to help out to set-up and arrange the foods, lay-out everything, resting quite sometime since because of the long ride, and me, so busy observing every corner, every scenery, and everything about the place because it was my first time.👍🏼

The ambiance of the place was very nature, there are so many trees that surrounds the place, with lined up nipa huts, the stone ground make it more nature and the cold water coming from the falls makes the ambiance more refreshing 💯

The main activity here in Pagsanjan is to see the Pagsanjan Falls by riding the boats, shooting the rapids maneuvered by boats men that costs Php1,300/person. Besides this activity, you can also rent life buoys for only Php 20.00 unlimited use, to experience river rafting, float along the river and do cliff diving.

For me, I just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming (just like Dory. HAHAHA 😆) I think river rafting was fun because my friends tried it for like three times and they call it as “Rio Grande Rapids” of Splash Island. 😉 I love how refreshing the coolness of the water. It was definitely perfect for beating the heat!

The view was amazingly awesome 👍👌👊💪☝️

The layering of the view was so great from the clear blue sky, the light and heat of the sun that makes you feel more about ‘it’s definitely SUMMER 🏝☀️, the green high tress that surrounds the whole area, the different size of rocks in the ground, the nipa huts makes the ambiance more of a province and these serves as the resting place for the tourists and the locals, and of course, the wide river that is superb refreshing!!!



One of the things I like best about this short getaway, is I get to spend time with my bestie, Aila,

IMG_20170409_121731[1]📌 That’s me and one of my favorite longtime bestie, Aila 👯💞🌻

and what makes more exciting is that my favorite team is finaaaaally  complete, the five best-est awesome guys I am with since our junior high, PRENDS POREBER 💛💙💜💚❤️️💗💓💕💖💞💘 (yes, I am giving all the hearts! HAHAHAHA ✌️)

20170409_134502📌 FINALLY!, after 123456789 months, we have our complete present photo in our swimming outfits! #sevenyearsandcounting #poreberprends 💪🙌👊

20170409_134425📌 Taking wacky shots too because THIS IS (mooooreeee like) US! 😝😯😮🤣  #sevenyearsandcounting #poreberprends


That’s it. It’s my first summer short getaway this year since summer is just starting and I am so looking forward to my next summer getaways this year. I am pretty sure there is more. 😊😉