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Happy Hong Kong 2016

Woooaaah! It’s been a year since I have traveled to Hong Kong for three days 🌸 , still my hearts feels so kiligs 💗. Originally, this travel blog is suppose to be posted a few days after my trip to HK but, unfortunately I got somehow busy at work and with my personal life, but more like reminiscing everyday how amazing my first international trip was 😆. Yes, honestly, my HK trip never sink until a year later (like OA ✌🏼) For real, this is one of the best days of my life! Promise xx

Let’s go Day One:

Five a.m. flight. Puyat  but super excited. My mom and my ate together with Tita Melody went to the airport two hours earlier than the flight time. [Fact: one of my childhood dreams is to ride on a plane. Nobody knew how I feels so fascinated about these planes whenever I see them up in the air that seems like they are so near with the sky and the clouds.] Since twas my first time to get inside the airport, my eyes were very busy observing everything that is happening around me and anything that caught my eyes. 👀


We did too much chilling knowing the time was too early, I almost missed my flight. Nerve-racking moment 💦 Running so hard, catching my breath, paying attention that I almost left my passport in the counter 😁 Geeez. I am excited that I got my seat by the window. Yieeppiee 👏🏼


Oh! I haven’t informed yet to you, that though this is a family vacation trip, but I got my flight earlier than them. This means that I got to travel alone, for my first plane ride, and for my first international trip. [Fact: One of my bucket list, is to experience doing things alone. Like watching movies, go shopping, travelling alone, etc.] The excitement never leaves me as well as being nervous at the same time. Hey. It’s my first time and I am alone, how could I not be worried about myself. 😨 When our plane already bounded HK, the view high up there was amazing. 💯


When our plane landed, as it was my first time, I just follow the passenger where they are headed to. Unlike in NAIA, where the immigration, the airport and the checking of baggage are just a walk a away, in HK you need to take subway to get to the immigration. The plan was for me to wait two hours in the airport so I will be together with my mom and ate passing through the immigration. But, I take courage. “Experience is the best teacher.” I fall in line and greeted the HK Immigration Officer a good morning, but I was still put on hold. My mind was like “What’s going on?” I really cannot explain how I am feeling that very moment, I just kept in my mind that I have to pay attention. They just ask me few questions with my work in the Philippines, who I am with & what I am going to do in HK. Maybe I was too young for them to be travelling alone, so I was put on hold. Wheeew! I pass through the immigration after the short interview. 🙏🏼 Their terminal is so big and bright. Still nervous, the walk around the airport and look for McDonald’s where our meeting area is. I sat there and wait for mom, ate, and Tita to arrive.

Then, we had our way to our mini hotel at Cosmic Guesthouse to leave our baggage and rest a while.



Day One. First Stop. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Though jet-lag, we cannot waste a day just resting in our mini, so we had our first stop for the day 📍Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. From the hotel, we rode two trains and walk along Sha Tin road until we reach the place. The location of the monastery is quite hidden, maybe because it’s holy for Buddhists, that needs quiet place.

We walked along the lined-up human-sized all golden-colored Buddhas in different sculptured positions–others are seating standing, holding something,– clothes, and faces. Walking up to the temple is really breath catching. The weather is not cold, it’s the same hot as the Philippines’ but a hot windy one, plus the stairs are inclined like your climbing on a mountain.😅


After the long and sloppy walk we reached the temple. The temple is big, the ambiance is so peaceful, you’ll feel it’s sacredness, little candles were lit up in the wall beside the giant all-golden Buddha. ⚠ You cannot take picture inside the temple. Outside the temple is a very spacious area, you’ll feel refreshed because the place and you’ll feel the cool wind, still, there are many Buddhas displayed, still in their human-sized, some are colored painted.

After the long and tiring walk down, we’re off to our Second Stop!

Day One. Second Stop. Snoopy’s World 🐶


The attraction is located at the Ground Floor of New Port Mall that’s why there are so many people taking pictures with the human-sized figures of The Peanuts cast. ℹThe attraction is free to all, no admission fee.

I love how the Snoopy-themed circles around the whole area. From the library-themed reception area, seeing the red-colored roof dog house where you’ll see a giant Snoopy lying around with his little yellow bird friend Woodstock sitting in his stomach, and his human-sized little cute friends 😍

I am really amazed the the whole attraction. 💯 Really feels like I am a kid again, amazed with this all these cartoon figures around me 😂 👧

To end the long day, we had our dinner at Cafe de Coral, where, of course, Hongkong meals were served. I had Tomato Beef & Egg with Rice and a Red Bean Cooler. One thing I have observe with locals is that they’re always like moving in a fast forward x2 phase. 😂


Day Two. To the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Hong Kong Disneyland 🏰


Kiliiggggsss 😍 I am always lost for words when I am going to look/talk back with my experience in Disneyland. I don’ know, it feels really fulfilling as it was one of my three childhood dreams. It really left me speechless from the moment I entered until the moment I get off to the Mickey Mouse train. 💯👌 Indeed, it was really magical 🎇 Okay, let get started.

We don’t have any itinerary for our second day in Hong Kong, only to the place where my forever is: Disneyland! 🎉🎊🍾

We got our Octopus card today at the subway station, this card is like a debit card that you can use to pay everything you buy in Hong Kong. We ride subways and drop off to three station until we get to Sunny Bay where Mickey Mouse train awaits, the only train in the station that drops you off to Disneyland. How cute 😍 Everything you see inside and outside the train are in it’s Mickey shape; the windows, the handrails, and the figurines displayed inside the train are all Disney characters. Even their tickets are printed in Disney characters too! 😍


Childhood Dream No. 2: Go to Disneyland ✅ (and have a photo w/Mickey & Minnie)

The park was still closed when we got there, but really, the are many people already waiting. The sun is so up that day, but more than feeling hot, I am so very exciiiteeeeddd! 😁 I almost cried when I see Mickey and Minnie in a club car waving the the people near the entrance gate. 😂

When the gate opens, all the guests fall in line so our ticket and bags could get checked.

As always, I am so amazed about everything I see around me, I guess all first timers feel the same way 😅 I really can’t believe I. AM. LIVING. MY. DREAM. 👊👌💪


First up, Photo OP with my favorite couples in their Hong Kong traditional costumes. Though the line was long and the weather was a hot one, seeing them so near me, really feels kiligs, I feel like my heart was melted and I am so excited to touch them and have a picture with them 💗💓💕💖💞💘💝❤️️ (yes! I am giving all the hearts!) This the best day of my life (maah lalalaaaayff! 🎶 oh, sorry can’t help but sing!) 🎆🎇

Below are the attraction we have experienced on our one day adventure to Disneyland!

  • Mickey PhilharMargic, an amazing 4D theater experience;
  • pretty little-girl-kid-at-heart-feeling inside me at the Fairy Tale Forest with kiddie-made interaction to see the Princesses 👑;
  • our first ride experience at the Slinky Dog Spin Ride in Toy Storyland!;


  • a motion story -telling experience in the Mystic Manor;
  • short and too cute Rainy Day Express Parade with Mickey and Friends and some of Toy Story characters in their raincoats while riding the train. choooo~chooot~~🚂 ;
  • a fun and easy experience shooting the enemies at the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin;
  • a trip around the world in It’s Small World! 🌏;


  • a crazy, breath-taking, extreme ride at the Big Grizzly Bear Runaway Mine Cars 😵😨;
  • the spectacular Disney “Paint the Night” parade of the night (that leaves me speechless, wow-ed, and teary-eyed 😭) and,
  • the magical Disney in the Stars Fireworks display and it’s beautiful presentation in the wall of Sleeping Beauty’s castle 🎇🎆

Everything I did and see in Disneyland we’re all my favorites (of course, this is s dream come true!) But, these that still leaves me breath-taking is the spectacular parade and the magical night of fireworks display. It was so amazing, it was indeed so magical, splendid (and all the amazing words to put on!) 💯💯💯

To make this magical experience in Disneyland, I bought a Mickey Mouse waffle to end this perfect-dream-come-true day!



On our last day in HK, we still have few places to go ➡

Day Three. First Stop. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

It was just me and my elder sister who wanted to go to this museum, since it has been over the internet that Lee Jong Suk’s wax replica was displayed and so is Lee Min Ho’s. Yes, they are our Oppas! If you ahve already read my blog last November titled “22 Facts About Me”, it’s a three-part blog, I bet you already knew that Min Ho is my first love among the Korean actors nowadays. But I guess, the odds are against us this time, because either Min Ho or Jong Suk’s wax replica wasn’t on displayed. We have asked, but they told us it was under maintenance. Still we enjoyed. I saw Taylor Swift, TVXQ, Nichhun from 2PM, Siwon Choi from Super Junior, Queen Elizabeth, Einstein, Kim Soo Hyun from the Korean hit series ‘My Love from the Stars’, Jackie Chan and so many more. There are also interactive activities, like dressing yourself as a KPop Idol, dressing up Hello Kitty and even fitting some gang’s just like Jackie Chan! It was so amazing to see this wax statues like they were real ones because they really looks like them 😍😮👍🙌

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day Three. Second Stop. The Peak


Going to The Peak, we ride on the Peak Tram, it a train that will take you to The Peak, the highest view deck in Hong Kong, where you can see the whole view of Hong Kong. Sadly, the rain pours and it’s foggy up there, we can barely see the breath-taking view, we just took few pictures and came down.

Day Three. Third Stop. Victoria Harbour 🌆🚢 (our last stop in our last day in Hong Kong)

[Day Three] ❤❤❤ #hongkong2016

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It’s been a year and finally I have shared this amazing experience and unforgettable trip with you. This travel blog has been idle for so long, and I am so proud of myself to finally post it. This trip will always leave me in tears of joy, happiness and fulfillment because: 1. it was a dream come true, i have finally checked two of three childhood bucket list, 2. it was my first international travel and 3. of course, because i am overly enjoyed this trip with my favorite people, my family 💞

Thank you Hong Kong 🇭🇰




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