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Weekends of March

Hi. 👋 It hasn’t been so long since I last posted, but, yea, I know it has been so long since the last time I tell you my whereabouts. So, today, I’ll be sharing my little journeys for the past weekends this month!

  • March 03, Saturday.

The first time I went to a comedy bar 🎭. My friend invited us to support his jowa’s coordinated event. The place small, dark–except for the bright spotlight on the stage, party vibes and hot. The performers where amazingly great. They sang so well hitting those very high notes of Beyonce and Regine Velasquez, and even going high notes over high notes, which really makes you LOL, wow-ed and entertained. Of course, there where green jokes too. Hehe. The event was a pageant called Mr. Pepper Haus 2018, the first time I ever witness a live swimsuit competition, basically just in their trunks, which my eyes couldn’t take for long. 🙈🙈🙈 Hahaha. Mayghad. I just can’t. 🙈 It shookt me to know that these contestants are gays/bi-sexual. The place is so jampacked with all LGBT supporters and it amazes me how the third-gender community are these many. The event finished at around 4AM. The winners all deserved their places because their answers were great at the picture interpretation that serves as Q&A. We partied before we leave the bar because why not? Shut Up and Dance by Walk to the Moon is the song! 👯🍻🎉 , finished our beers and picas. I reached home at 5AM, slept for almost three hours, because I will be completing my clearance to my previous employer this day too.

So, at 8AM, I woke up, feeling groggy, take a bath, get dressed and I’m off. After three months of waiting for me to be cleared (although I have a new work already) and having my documents with me (which has a long annoying story), I now feel free with all the hate I had with the management. 💦 🙏😄

i don’t know if it would be fun to tell more about what happened this day, because it was no longer fun, and i think i have to keep it personal, because it’s not just me anymore and again, it wasn’t fun at all. let’s get going to the next weekend ➡️

  • March 10, Saturday

📍 The Dessert Museum

This day, I had my sweetest escape ever. Check this out!

happily struggling to have all the donuts only for me! Mehehe 😀
because sharing is caring! Hi there Mom!
soft fluffy marshmallows!
looks naughty outside, but definitely nice on the inside
pink & colorful
channeling TWICE’ Heart Shaker vibes. Go Unnie!
all about ice creams!
thinking about ice creams & eating them real!
. torn between two bears. Charooot! guess who’s so giddy about balloons!
walk through the fluffy cotton candy forest ❤
pastels & upside down cake pops
Mom, why you gotta be so cute when hugging cake pops? 🙂
  • March 17, Saturday

📍 Taal Volcano Crater, Talisay, Batangas

After two years, I am finally back at trekking & reaching the summit! This was my second hike, but with a twist, because we are travelling by boat to get to the bottom of the mountain. Yaaay! The road up is so steep and sandy. I breathe so heavily maybe because I haven’t warmed up and it’s has been a couple of years since my last hike. I feel like giving up because I feel my feet were in pain and I feel so tired by just walking up, and my bag is a bit heavy this time since we will be swimming after the hike. But of course, you have to keep fighting why? because you are already there at wala nang atrasan ‘to! 💪👊🤞☝️


Thanks to this team, Kuya Rick (for tour and the perfectly shot photos) & Ernie (from the #prendsprober for taking me with him) 💯💯💯


  • March 18, Sunday

My very #fangirling moment for James Reid 💗💓💕💖💞💘. JaDine has their new movie, called Never Not Love You, showing now, March 31, on cinemas nationwide. Going back, they had their mall show on this day, and I am so lucky that my ate helped me get through the VIP Pass, although no photo ops will be taken, but it’s fine with me as long as I got to see James Reid right before my eyes, and I am extremely happy I am. He’s so gwapo in person. I feel so kilig and I think my eyeball formed into hearts, just like the one’s in cartoons. HAHAHA 😍😍😍


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They sang their song entitled Prom, which is one of their soundtrack for the movie and their duet from James Reid’s Palm Dreams album, entitled, IL2LU (I Love to Love You)

When I first saw the teaser,  this movie got that OTWOL vibes! (which I love, because OTWOL is one of my fave teleseryes to date, and James here as Clark, makes me fall inlove every single night I watched the show 💓)

If you haven’t see the teaser, you may watch them below:

 PS. all links above are from Viva Records & Viva Ent on Youtube.
That’s y’all. I would like to end this post in a kilig way, so I will end it here. I know there are still two weekends left, but those weekends are ordinary ones, like the usual attending of anticipated mass every Saturday night and watching weekend Korean drama, or watching Happy Sunday’s variety show 2Days 1Night on KBS every Sunday.
But, let’s mark today’s weekend because one, Never Not Love You is now showing on cinemas nationwide and two, we have a new blog post tuhdaaaay! Yaaasss 💓🎉🎊🍾🙌
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New Year’s Resolutions & Goals

It’s almost end of the year!🎇🎉🎊🍾 Whoa. Time flies so fast. Tomorrow, it’s a start of another year for everyone.🙌 Now, I am writing about my resolutions and goals for 2018, so let’s get down to the list!

2018 New Year’s Resolutions: 📝

  1. Getting my hair and “make-up” done which means that I am going to wake up an hour and a half earlier than usual wake up time. I have prep up myself for just thirty minutes, this has been my routine for almost three years since I started my first job. I just wake up, get bathe, dress myself and some hair brush up and I am good to go. But, now, I try to make time to powder myself a bit, have my lipstick on, dry and style my hair a bit before leaving for work.
  2. Eating breakfast. Eat healthy. Less “pigging” out. I don’t really eat breakfast. I leave home with no breakfast. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you can start your day boost and energized, but for me it’s a no. I cannot leave home after I eat because I have upset stomach every morning so I have to release everything I ate. Most of the time, I have to release even I am in the middle of eating or when I haven’t really started to eat yet. It’s kinda crazy having this morning sickness so I always have to skip breakfast so I won’t have to endure when I am commuting to work because that is really a total sweat. 💦 You know what I mean. Hehee 😅 But now, I try to eat a little breakfast in the office, maybe, just a slice of bread, or a boiled egg and a packet of sterilized milk. Eat healthy, I have tried this numerous times last year, like my lunch would always be a fish and a cup of rice, but sometimes, when I really get stressed out at work, I would choose pork for my meal so I can at least satisfy myself and get a little less stressed. Less pigging out, meaning no more fast foods or any fancy restaurants for dinner, because I am really a sucker for new pop out restos or any new small food businesses. I always have to try new foods on the menu. I better be monitoring my weight because it’s not normal anymore. 🙊
  3. Be organize on my things. I have practiced to be organized with my time since I started working because as I am living in the corporate world, I have to work 5-6 days a week, 8 hours a day, most of the times I have to stay extra hours so I can complete my to-dos for the entire day. But, being an young adult is not just about working and saving up, it is also about enjoying the finer things in life, so I trained myself to track on my time, by planning things ahead, I don’t mean like planning every single thing, because you know there is always something exciting when spontaneous things happens right? Yaaas 💯💯💯 I only plan for the date and the time and the concept of what to do, like if it’s a sleepover, or just window shopping, or a three-day two-nights travel, or just chitchat, because I also plan my time on of how long I am going to pack the things I’ll be needing and dress myself for the get-together. I will still be continuing my time management skills, and now, I want to practice being organize with my things, because I tend to just place my things on the table beside my bed and I just left it cluttered and unorganized just like my chargers, earphone, receipts, ponytails, ballpens, and everything. I just organized some of these things for the past days that I am on a holiday break, but I still have things to figure out to where I’ll be putting them. I just leave few things beside my bed, such as few magazines that I haven’t read, books, notebooks, adult coloring book, my gadget and it’s accessories. Other are kept organized in a box and stock at the second floor of our room.
  4. Don’t hate. To be honest it’s not my personality to hate because 1. it’s bad, an 2. it’s a waste of time, but I just can’t ignore to hate because I have to deal everyday at work to the people I hate. I don’t want to go further explaining because I don’t want to spread anymore hate in this blog, but, I am happy that I can now already leave the company I started to hate and move-on to a new one by next year. New year. New work. New life. Yasss! 💯 But, don’t get me wrong guys, that I only have hate to my previous workplace, I love some of my co-workers/friends, I mean these #lebeshies, there and I will be making a blog on the things I would miss about them. Actually, I have draft a blog about the reasons why  wanted to quit my job, I just don’t finish it right before my last day at work, because things got so hectic for me at work and my personal lakads, so I don’t have enough time to publish it and just to inform you that I am no longer publishing it because I don’t want to be labeled as someone who rants behind the monitor. I think this is a good decision in starting not to hate. 😉💯👌🏼
  5. Time and reward for myself. I am a kind of person who just literally just saves up. I mean, I don’t regularly buy things for myself or buy the things I wanted just because I wanted it. I am so considerate about what will be my mom’s reaction over the thing I bought, or how I am going to explain why I bought such things, so I just tend not to buy and just pass. I always tried rewarding myself by eating out, and becasue it’s a new year’s resolution to not “pig-out”, why not reward myself for some material things or some pampering, right? 👌🏼💆💅🛍🥂💇🏻💳

Now, off to the goals.📈

I have been listing down all the things I wanted to do, to try and to buy, every month. I am keeping these list in my Google Keep, it’s a note app of Google that I have been using since 2014, and some are already tick-off the box but others are still pending so, I always keep them as a goal until I ticked them off too.

  1. Get a student driver’s license and learn how to drive. 🚘 This has been a goal since I was a kid. If you have read some of my blogs, you already knew that this is not just a goal for me but also a dream. I always have plan to get a leave from work so I can process getting a student license, but I don’t know how it turned out that I don’t have the time to get one, so here it is still, the same goal as last year, and I really hope I can make time for it this year.
  2. Save more. For young adults like me, I think this is a must. Yes, we are young and there is no many things to try out at our young age and we all know that everything is price tagged so, as much as we wanted to experience things as we are young, but it will more practical and more reasonable to enjoy things at the same time invest and save up for the future. 💯
  3. Travel more. ✈️🚖⛵️🚆 More than just a goal, it now becomes my passion. I feel so fulfilled when I travel to places and get really excited to discover. I plan to travel to Cebu, Bohol, Palawan and Korea this year, so fingers crossed! 😉
  4. Work hard-er.  As I have mentioned earlier, I just resigned from my job last July and I had my last day at work last Thursday, and I am off to a new workplace on the 8th, so I promised to work harder and accomplished the job on time. 💪👊🙌
  5. Get a new phone or camera. I never ever get a new phone for myself because I am not very choosy over the features of a certain smartphone, like as long as the phone can do text messaging, calls, I am good with that. Then last year, I bought myself a laptop, so I can  write at convenience when I make blogs, because I am just using my tablet which my uncle bought me six years ago, and it’s quite hassle to type and insert content, so I bought myself one. This year, I wanted to buy a new phone and get it plan at Globe, but I am still thinking about it over and over again if I would be reasonable buying it, or I will just buy a new camera, so I can try making a vlog. Watching vlogs on YouTube makes me interested doing one, just to vlog a day with me or some of my travels. I always feel so great doing things at first time. Hihihi. 😊
  6. Fill-up a 2018 Planner. ✏ This is a hard challenge for me. I always wanted to have planner so I can plan everything, but I am a no business woman. Char! 😜 It’s more like a diary to me, because although I have plans ahead of time, sometimes the plan doesn’t go the way it was planned and I don’t want to ruin the planner by crossing out everything, so I tend to just write-up about something that should be unforgettable that day. I hope I can fill-in all the days in my planner for the next year. I’ll let you guys know by the end of next year!
  7. Write more. Honestly, I bought this laptop last January so I can be more convenient about blogging and I have agreed to myself before that I am going to blog once a month, so I can practice being an efficient blogger, but things got so hectic around me, at work, travels, family and friends gathering, giving myself a break, that I have no time to finish writing. I always tend to start a new topic and start writing, but I get so little time to gather up all the ideas and reminiscing all the things that have happened on the topic I am writing so I was not able to finish at all and wasn’t able to publish. I still have more topics list down to share with you and I hope I can put them all up by next year. So you guys be more patient with me and stay tuned!
  8. Make a photo album. I have all these picture save in so many SD cards since I was in highschool and I wasn’t able to make a hard copy for myself so I can view them physically that because I don’t have money back then and now I don’t have time to arrange them. I tried to start arranging the photos I wanted to print out with my travels, but 24 hours for me is not enough to do the things I wanted to do and this would be really costly because I think there will be more than a hundred pictures to be print out. I will still need to figure out how can I do this, I think I just need to make a goal this year, to keep myself reminded that this is one the things to do for 2018. Heeheee. 😊

There you have it guys. I know I still need to change more than five things to myself for 2018, but those five resolutions above are a must for me. I hope I can stick to that ’til the very end. I know there are so many unpredictable things that might happen next year but we have to deal with it coz that’s life. Haha😄😄 As for my goals, I can’t wait to tick them off with all the hardwork I am going to do next year! I’ll let you guys know on the same day by next year what happened to my resolutions and goals and if I have achieved more, I will share it with you too.

Thank you for reading ’til the end! 😘😍😉

If you guys wanted to share your’s too, share some in the comment box and leave some love 💗💓💕

Happy Holidays and Have a Blessed New Year! 🎆🎇



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How I have been?

Hey there dear blog! I am so sorry for bring idle for the past couple of months. But now I am back with vengeance. Joke *peace sign*

I really tried to carry out doing my three-part ‘Facts About Me’ blog post in celebration my blog’s one-year old. *insert birthday cake and balloons emoji*

I have been so busy lately –getting quite much stress from work, bonding with my favorite circle of friends, playing with my cutie-patootie nephew, Noel, watching teleseryes and Korean Drama, building blocks, reading mags, and overthinking too much.

Now let’s go back in time.

Let’s start to the most wonderful time of the year, December 2016 *insert snowflake and pine tree emoji* to 2017 *fireworks!*


Last year’s December was a bit different unlike any December for the past years beside the fact that it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

At office, we had Monito-Monita every Saturday, for the first time.

I had seven out of nine completed mass of Misa De Gallo and spent the last mass/last day of work with my current favorite person/bully-buddy.

The first time I genuinely enjoyed the company’s Christmas party from the kiddie games, a slide to the pool, never forget the Inuman sesh, and the karaoke –that made me feel I am the vocalist of the band head-banging while singing #whenalcoholhitsyou *OOPS.*

Stressful gifts shopping for the fam and the co-workers. Stressful. Yes, you read it right, ‘coz I never have the eye on what to gift for someone unless I know what cartoon they like. But, whew, I gave everyone a present last Christmas. *achievement unlocked*

Cooked desserts for Noche Buena. I am not apprentice this time. HAHAHA. Will be taking over the kitchen! Got it wrong frequently with the measurement of the ingredients because I was so excited/nervous/”iwishitwillturnoutwell*fingerscrossed* –doing it for the first time in forever. Relieved that the Apple Crumble turned out good but not the sweet they wanted. The Maja Blanca turned too sweet that you cannot eat another one consecutively, so that’s a fail and it’s Mom’s fault. *peace* The gift-giving was my favorite part. Surprised that Kuya has a gift for everyone. Of course, Mom helped him to pick one because it’s not really his thing. *sorry kuya, just telling the truth here. but, thanks a bunch* Thumbs-up.

Divisoria shopping with Mom. Bought three building blocks, my current interest.I have build a sweet shop, more looks like a Dunkin Donut stall and a cake shop. Visit my Instagram @remimi_ to see these lego Mini Shops. Finally, I have my flower crown after Mom lost the first one we bought. I don’t know why I always wanted to have one. I guess to make myself a Dyosa or at least feel like one lol because I do believe that flowers are always be beautiful so I think it would make me one lol xx

New Year’s eve routine? Watch KBS Drama Awards. Sad that Uncontrollably Fond didn’t won any awards. It was one of the KDramas that I won’t forget. It gives me feels every episode and Kim Woo Bin as Shin Joon Young was in his best acting I ever watched.


New Year’s Day with the Best-est guys eveeerrr! I always gets kiligs with these bunch of handsome. Thinking that we are on our seven years of friendship since 2011. We have grown from these highschoolers to professionals. Wooow. I guess some people never change. #prendsporber #forkeeps #cheerstosevenyearsandbeyond

Second day of the new year with my #forevergirlfriends. The usual bond? Kainan! We do mandatory monthly catch-up so we cannot miss each other very much. Facebook group chats were our thing. We never fails to catch-up each other even over the phone. I can’t wait to out next trip together after our Baguio City way back 2015. Ilocos here we goooooo!

The start of the new year have been so good to me but who knows if it will be all through out the year. I guess unexpected heartbreaks could happened but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. Heartbreakingly (if there’s a word like this), I got silent war with my current fave person/bully-buddy, and she texted me with the most unacceptable message I ever had never received. It tears me up so much. I was crying like a kid whose parents won’t buy the doll she wanted to have. I slept with my tears falling. I clear myself for every sentence of her message and I saw her tear up in front of me that makes me broke inside. It’s lasts for week and I miss her and I miss her every single day. Felt touched, by the next Monday, she came to me trying to help me with some email issues, and told me she missed me (and so I am), teared with the first conversation we had after the silent week, and laugh like nothing happened. Yes, we craaazzzeeeyyyy.


There I have been.


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22 Facts about Me || Part 3

Happy one year old to 🎉🎉 *wooohoooo*
And, I just turned twenty two today! *plays 22 by Taylor Swift*

We’re down now to the last part of this facts and I am more selective to what I am going to spill out about myself ;)🙊 Hehehehe 🙂

#15 Favorite Time of the Year : Christmas Day 🌲❄🌟
It’s really the most wonderful time of the year! Sharing your day with your family, giving gifypts, going to church and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Happiness is everywhere :):) Oh, those lit up sparkling lights, the cool breezy Christmas air 💚

#16 Dogs 🐾🐾🐾
I love dogs. Suddenly missing my favourite dog, Raichu, who passed away a couple of years ago. He’s been with us since I was a kid and it really broke my heart when he died. He’s short and not a furry one. He was so gwapo than any other dogs. You can hug him all you want and he never bites. *crriiii* We one little Gorio today, and he’s very malambing 💕

#17 Adventurer & Traveller 💪
I wanted to try everything. I always wanted to try something new, some thing different, something I never tried before. I am up for challenge. I remember the first time I tried hiking with my friends, it wasn’t easy though, but it was definitely a whole lot of fun 🙂 I wanna do things like, cliff diving, night out, and travelling alone, and others that world has to offer 👌 I wanted to travel all the beautiful places in the Philippines and almost half of the countries around the world before I die. It’s a bucketlist, then 🙄

#18 God-fearing 🙇

#19 All Time Favorite Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse 🐁💘
He’s my forever and it will never be replaced! HAHAHAHA 😍
I just love everything about him and Minnie too. I will never forget the kilig they brought me when I saw them in Hongkong Disneyland. 🏰 PS. I also love his pal, Pluto, and his friends too 💞

#20 I hate cockroaches
Ewww, those flying ipis 😷

#21 I’ll go shopping alone
It’s ME time! 😁

#22 Current Fangirl-ing: James Reid 💘
Oh my heart 💘 I just love everything about him specially the way he talks. Just picturing him out makes me fall in love. I guess, his role as “Clark” on On the Wing of Love will be my forever favorite 💕 *kiligggs*
I hope to see you soon James 💋

The last fact feels so kiliigggsss! Hahahaha ✌
There you have it guys. If you wanted to know more about, ask me on twitter @remiMi_ 🐥

Happy one year ♡ and happy 22 years to me 🎉

R- 💋

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22 Facts about Me || Part 2

*drum roll please*

#8 Beach, please! 🌊
I looves beaches. 🌴 I may not be able to wear swimsuits but I love beaches. I love the sand, the heat of the sun, the smell of the salty water, the sky, the sunrise and the sunsets 💘 Everthing the beach has to offer!

#9 I hate complications ❌
I learn to live a happy life. Well, maybe not at all times because problems to arise unexpectedly, but I would rather be giving up on what I want than to fight over it. I can have what I want when I’m alone. Simple problems has simple solutions too. If not, then, lilipas din ‘yan.

#10 All-Time favorite food: SINIGANG
I would choose sinigang over any other foods on the menu. 👌
I like it a little spicy and more “asim kilig“, lots and lots of kangkong and gabi, plenty of “sabaw”, served hot ♨ Whether it’s Sinigang na Baboy, Sinigang na Bangus o Sinigang na Hipon, I don’t mind. No more talks, as long as it’s cooked, SINIGANG 👌

#11 Buy my own car.
This has been one of my dreams when I was still a child. There are three, and those two came true just few months ago–to ride on a plane and to go to Disneyland–only this one’s left. Oh, I can’t wait to make this come true 🙂 Work, work, work ⌚👜💳

#12 I love flowers 🌸🌹🌻🌼, balloons 🎈and fireworks ✨❇
I am deeply inlove with flowers. It makes me feel beautiful, blissful and it makes a day brighter 🌞 Balloons, I always wanted a few on my birthdays but, nah, no one knows that 😕 and fireworks, I love how loud it is, when I sw fireworks, I was always amazed, it feels so free and true just how you see it 💖

#13 First Love? Lee Min Ho 이민호
All the hearts. Heheeheee ✌ 😂
He will always be my first love from all the handsome Korean Actors of today. I watched him from Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, Faith and The Heirs. And I am so excited and I cant’t wait for The Legend of the Blue Sea that will be aired so soon! *kiliiiigggggssss*

#14 Take me to MALDIVES ✈.
I never had any places I wanted to go to add on my bucketlist after Disneyland. I read once, that every girl’s dream dreams to be in Paris, so I quite wanted to go there too. But, when I saw the beautiful pictures of Maldives, I’ll go for this one. 👌 I wanted to have a vacation in Maldives, in their most beautiful beaches and places 😍

Last Part 🔜🔜🔜

R- 💋

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22 Facts about Me || Part 1

Hello November! My birthmonth and the birth of this blog 🎉 *happy danccceee*

So, today, I will be telling few things about me, besides the truth I am trying hard-er to be a blogger. Hahahahaha ✌

#1 I am not a morning person.
I figure out this one around six or seven yeara ago when I was still a highschool student. I came always late in class or I better skip the morning classes because I was late for thirty minutes. I remember when I was in college, it was midterm week, my class was so early at 7:30 and I came late and saw my professor writing on the board, I really cry hard outside the classroom and everyone in class was so worried about me and to my surprise, our professoe was only giving a brief review for the cover of the exam and that was a relief. 😧
During weekends, I always got out of bed at 12NN and ready to eat lunch. Hahhahahaa 💪

#2 A Money-Saver
It all started with a 20-peso bill keep from my everyday baon when I was ni HS. My Kuya teaches me how and it became a habit. I don’t buy things impulsively. I always thinks if I need it or I really want it, ot if I buy it would I have enough money left, or should I save up more and buy it later. 👍

#3 My Very First Male Celebrity Crush: David Archuleta *claaapsss*
I love everything about him. 💘💘💘 (the end. :))
My favorite song is “My Kind of Perfect”. Well, it was just perfect 💖
And my favorite of his revival is “You Are My Song”, it was a childhood favorite and I bet, it will always be. 💘💘 *crriees*

#4 I would choose Carbonara over spaghetti
*slurrpsss-the-air* 😂😂
Now I crave. Hahahhaa 😂
I just love the combimation of the milk and the cheese, very creamy, and to add on the bacon, uhhh, it’s heaven 😀

#5 My love-hate relationship with the rain
I love rain, because they say it’s a blessing. I feel comforted when I am sad. It makes me kinda sentimental and reminesces good old memories. I just hate it when I have somewhere to go and it’s a gloomy one, just that, no more no less.

#6 Favorite Movie: National Treasure / Now You See Me
Nicholas Cage was so good in National Treasure. I love how the movie goes. And oh, the Four Horsemen, I was so amazed with the tricks they did from the first movie, they got me caught from the very first scene. And the card game on the sequel, it was breath-taking 🃏

#7 I am bad a doing my own nails
I can’t have my nails grow like the one I see on TVs. I can’t cut them to make them in shape so I tend to cut it sagad and let them grow again. When I don’t want to cut it, I always try to make “slowly but surely” way to put on nail polish but it always have to end up a mess. Hahahahahaha 😣

Ooops. Let’s stop here for a while. And watch out for the second part!
I will be posting it soon. Hope you guys see me interesing at the very least. Hehehheeee ✌

I had a great long weekend 👊

R- 💋

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Currently …

Hi to my blog! It’s been months since my last post and it’s kinda awkward to be back. I really have so much too tell for what happened for the few months that I haven’t been writing. Don’t worry I will be telling you them all in a different blog. 👌

I’ll be just writing anything about what’s happening right now to me, currently . . .

Currently, I am reading an ebook at my office computer entitled The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Ledger. If I’m not mistaken I am on its Chapter Four. As of the moment, the story goes on a teenage girl, Penelope, had a crush on guy named Keats, but there’s no way they can get close. She only has two friends named Audrey and Eph, but is somewhat have grown out and getting out of their trio team, so she felts so alone. I really don’t know how will the story goes out soon, well I’m sure its about love, basically heartbreak (as the title goes) but, we’ll see. Reading during office hours makes my time consume when I’m not too busy because I really don’t like to not doing anything. 🙂

Currently, I am watching Korean Drama, My Lovely Girl, starring Rain of Full House and Krystal of f(x). I have downloaded it for I think a year ago, because I really like Krystal on the role she played on The Heirs, I just got too busy on work until I got tired to watch it, but now, since I don’t have any Korean Drama to watch, I started watching it. I’m on the 8th episode right now, where Rain is unsure of his feeling towards Krystal. I can’t wait for the time when Rain have to tell the truth why he is helping Krystal to fullfill her dreams or worst, Krystal might figure it our first before Rain could tell. 😶

Currently, I am strictly controlling the amount I am eating during lunch and dinner. I am making a habit of drinking milk once a day –usually before going home–, making sure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, or bits of bread when I feel like I am hungry. I try to start this because I really wanted to loose weight. I think it will be too obvious if I’m going to the gym and am too shy to admit it. So, eating just enough amount of food and less eating when I feel like hungry but not really, will be a quite help for me to loose weight. Oh, wish me real luck 👊

Currently, I enjoyed using Spotify. I got mine premium for only three months for only Php 9.00. I can download playlists for offline use. My favorite playlist is OPM Favorities, #Hugot and #WalangPasok. Before it was really unconfortable for me to listen to music when I commute, but now, I can manage it, but I have to make sure that I don’t have any handy to bring either of my hands. Hehehe 😁

Currently, I am sorting out my mind whether to end on my present job. It’s been a month since I decided to get my thoughts. I can do the work, working inside the office and the work in the office was never been an issue, my workmates we’re everything and fun, but the managers were monsters and a pain in the ass 😠 But, then I have these three signs. If these signs will happen, then I should continue for another year, and if not, then I guess the fate has decided. One sign had already happened and had me at loss. 😨 Two signs more, we’ll see 👀

So many things I enjoy doing currently except for the last one. Hahahhaa. Still, I enjoy 👐
▪ ▪ ▪

Still, I am happy and blessed. 😇 Though currently, my life goes through different phases of emotions. Still, I got Him behind my back. 🙏
Still, I am single … 🙈 and I am still silently, quietly, hoping you’ll end up with me (hahaha. Guess the song! Clue: OPM) 😆
▪ ▪ ▪

Will be posting an exciting blog soon! I am too excited to write about it as much as I got too extremely excited when I went there, and it’s gonna be, definitely one for the books ✈🚞 💘

R- 💋