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Currently …

Hi to my blog! It’s been months since my last post and it’s kinda awkward to be back. I really have so much too tell for what happened for the few months that I haven’t been writing. Don’t worry I will be telling you them all in a different blog. 👌

I’ll be just writing anything about what’s happening right now to me, currently . . .

Currently, I am reading an ebook at my office computer entitled The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Ledger. If I’m not mistaken I am on its Chapter Four. As of the moment, the story goes on a teenage girl, Penelope, had a crush on guy named Keats, but there’s no way they can get close. She only has two friends named Audrey and Eph, but is somewhat have grown out and getting out of their trio team, so she felts so alone. I really don’t know how will the story goes out soon, well I’m sure its about love, basically heartbreak (as the title goes) but, we’ll see. Reading during office hours makes my time consume when I’m not too busy because I really don’t like to not doing anything. πŸ™‚

Currently, I am watching Korean Drama, My Lovely Girl, starring Rain of Full House and Krystal of f(x). I have downloaded it for I think a year ago, because I really like Krystal on the role she played on The Heirs, I just got too busy on work until I got tired to watch it, but now, since I don’t have any Korean Drama to watch, I started watching it. I’m on the 8th episode right now, where Rain is unsure of his feeling towards Krystal. I can’t wait for the time when Rain have to tell the truth why he is helping Krystal to fullfill her dreams or worst, Krystal might figure it our first before Rain could tell. 😶

Currently, I am strictly controlling the amount I am eating during lunch and dinner. I am making a habit of drinking milk once a day –usually before going home–, making sure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, or bits of bread when I feel like I am hungry. I try to start this because I really wanted to loose weight. I think it will be too obvious if I’m going to the gym and am too shy to admit it. So, eating just enough amount of food and less eating when I feel like hungry but not really, will be a quite help for me to loose weight. Oh, wish me real luck 👊

Currently, I enjoyed using Spotify. I got mine premium for only three months for only Php 9.00. I can download playlists for offline use. My favorite playlist is OPM Favorities, #Hugot and #WalangPasok. Before it was really unconfortable for me to listen to music when I commute, but now, I can manage it, but I have to make sure that I don’t have any handy to bring either of my hands. Hehehe 😁

Currently, I am sorting out my mind whether to end on my present job. It’s been a month since I decided to get my thoughts. I can do the work, working inside the office and the work in the office was never been an issue, my workmates we’re everything and fun, but the managers were monsters and a pain in the ass 😠 But, then I have these three signs. If these signs will happen, then I should continue for another year, and if not, then I guess the fate has decided. One sign had already happened and had me at loss. 😨 Two signs more, we’ll see 👀

So many things I enjoy doing currently except for the last one. Hahahhaa. Still, I enjoy 👐
β–ͺ β–ͺ β–ͺ

Still, I am happy and blessed. 😇 Though currently, my life goes through different phases of emotions. Still, I got Him behind my back. 🙏
Still, I am single … 🙈 and I am still silently, quietly, hoping you’ll end up with me (hahaha. Guess the song! Clue: OPM) 😆
β–ͺ β–ͺ β–ͺ

Will be posting an exciting blog soon! I am too excited to write about it as much as I got too extremely excited when I went there, and it’s gonna be, definitely one for the books ✈🚞 💘

R- 💋

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#takemetothemountains : Mt. Pico De Loro

If I am happy writing my first travel post, well I am super excited writing my second travel post. Totoo! Why? Kasi, it’s my first time trying out hiking and I am still in awe that I can’t believe to have done such thing.

So, alam nyo na!
For my second travel post, ⏩ Mt. Palay-Palay (famously known as Mt. Pico De Loro) Ternate, Maragondon, Cavite πŸŒ„

We have planned this hike for about two weeks before the day (May 8, 2016). At first we planned to do overnight, but upon contacting to DENR Ternate, Cavite, the Mt. Pico De Loro caretakers advised that overnights are not allowed anymore since last year. So, we have to do the day hike. (It’s much easier because you don’t have to worry bringing tent, pillows, blankets, dinner or other snacks) πŸ™‚

Our plan was to meet up at 3AM, have breakfast, then leave from BiΓ±an at 4AM. Plano lang yon. Pero syempre, hindi naman ayon ang susundin. Hehehehe. Matic na yun sa barkada! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŒβœŒ

Just to hang you up, (hehee ✌) I’ll tell one sad short story. I planned this everything with my awesome boyfriends that two weeks before the day. And everyone has the “more than excited face”. So, we’re six, plus, the two girlfriends, and my two workmates, that would be ten people. But, unfortunately, only half make it on the day. And the saddest part, it wasn’t even the barkada, it was me, my two workmates, only one from barkada (thank you so much Ernie πŸ’‹) and his girlfriend.

Okay. Let’s get moving.
Reminder #1: Pack light. πŸŽ’
Because ypu have to bring your backpacks travelling, trekking, to the summit until you get home.
If you want to know the things that I pack, here’s the list:
βœ”Shirt, Shorts, Undies, Hankie
βœ”Mini Towel
β–ͺMake sure to make your cellphone battery full, so you don’t have to bring powerbank.
β–ͺDo not forget to bring money, especially when you are only commuting.

For foods, I bought only from convinient store:
BLUE Orange flavored water, Regular-sized Mineral Water, Chocolate Bar, Peanuts, and Mini Cheese Breads.

R #2: Dress comfortably.
I am geared up with shorts (yung makakagalaw ka widely, nang walang possibility na mawakwak ang pundyo πŸ˜†), white shirt (para hindi malakas maka-absorb ng init), hiking shoes (i bought from Merrell) . I also spread sunblock sa mga areas ng skin ko na expose sa araw and sa face, to prevent from sunburn (dahil sunog na sunog na ako kaka-swimming). πŸ˜¨πŸ˜†

R #3: Have breakfast.
You must. Make sure that your breakfast can get you through 4 hours of trekking and 30 minutes climbing to the summit.
I meet up with my workmates Ruby and Joyce at Jollibee to take breakfast. We had their breakfast value meal. I had sinangag, beef tapa and coffee.

By 5 AM, we meet Ernie and Aila at the jeepney terminal.
If you are coming fro BiΓ±an, ride a jeepney that drops you off to GMA. From GMA, there’s a jeepney terminal that drops off to Pala-Pala. Then, ride a jeepney again that drops off to Trece, ride another jeepney that drops you off to Naic and from Naic ride a tricycle (but we don’t ride tricycle, kasi, may jeep na nag-take samin don sa Pico together witn six other hikers, we pay 100php/head), and tell them that you are going to Pico De Loro, and they will drop you of to DENR Ternate, Cavite, the registration booth.

Yea. It’s one jeepney to another and another. Heheee. FYI, the drive from Naic to DENR Jump Off Point/Registration Booth, is really a long long long ride. But, I still get excited πŸ˜„

We reach the booth at 8AM. We signed waiver and pay for the registration (i am not sure about tge price but it was lower than a hundered). We were advised that the they are not allowing to climb the Monolith because the soil was a bit soft that makes it dangerous.

We start to trek at around 8AM after we signed the waiver. The trek was a bit of difficult for me, since I have a weight. At first it was rocky, then it was uphill, downhill, uphill again, downhill again, you have to cross over some big branches. The trek keeps me dehydrated and tiring. Because of that, I have to stop, drink and rest. (I really felt sorry for my mates because even if they want to carry on, they have to wait for me, which makes them slower. Peace out guys ✌) There man-made seats for you to rest so you can re-charge and unwind.

What was so surprising is that all hikers that we bump into greets “Good Morning” or “Take Care” and so we do. When we ask, “Malayo pa po ba?”, and they would answer an estimated time, or a yes, then would say “Konti na lang po. Malapit na.” I told myself, hikers are delightful people.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Along the trek, we would crack a joke, take pictures and never forgets to do selfies, we rest and eat, drink, and get amazed by the people and the nature. Replay. Replay. Replay. πŸ™‚

When we reach the “tower”. It’s a deck so you could see this amazing view πŸ‘‡

This view really washes out the feeling of tiredness. The view was amazing. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š I was really WOW-ed, froze and speechless. πŸ’•


We were so immeresed by the view, na ninamnam na namin ng sobra sobra ang kagandahan nito. We feel renewed and energized again, after seeing that one great view at dahil sabi ng mga nakakasalubong namin, its only an hour to get to the camp site. At! ang talagang nagpu-push through sa amin, ay ang nag-aabang na halo-halo sa campsite πŸ˜…. Chos!

As we reached the campsite at 11:30AM, we see mini stores that offers beverages, instant noodles, mais con yelo and the “much-awaited halo-halo”. We ate our foods and bought halo-halo topped with yema. It’s cooling and refreshing ❄ We got some kwentuhan, still hooked up with the view we see earlier, and in awe surviving the four-hour trek. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘

At 12NN, we started to climb the summit.
R #4: Be extra careful.
I suggest that you hire a tour guide here, to help you out reaching the summit and going back down to the campsite.
We never thought that the summit was the hardest part. As we try to climb, we are stuck helping the other hikers to come down because the steps are filled with sand soil, there were some rocks but still covered with sand soil. We have to help them to go down so we could have space to climb.

I was really holding very tight sa mga matitigas na bato and making sure to be in a steady pose until I am ready to step up again, because if you are not really careful and sure at what your stepping and holding at, it will be very dangerous. I was on my “dapa” pose when Joyce is instructing me to move on the right side since the ground was a hard one to step on (#spidermanfeels). And when she tells me to hold her hand, I say “Hindi kita makita Joyce.” My head was down to make that my sweat won’t fall down to my eyes. Thank God I reach the top with the help of Ernie. I sat for quite sometime, managing myself and looking at ghe perferct view.

Check these #nofilter photos πŸŒ„πŸ‘ŠπŸ’˜πŸ˜πŸ™Œ





Seems like the sky is reachable when your at the summit too β˜β›… πŸ’˜

The view from the summit was definitely a picture perfect πŸŒ„πŸ‘
By 1:30PM, we decided to go down. We get a help from the tour guides. It was really easy to go down with their help since they know where you can step on and help you balance out. From the summit, they will help you get down to the campsite safely for only Php50/per person.

We rest a bit at the campsite, take some more picture of the view, ourselves and looking up the summit, where we are earlier. We have the same thoughts about how hard to reach the summit,

and the same thoughts how every step, every sweat, the long hours of trek, makes everything worth it at the top.


Then we started to trek back down.
We take five hours going down, again because of me. I deeply appreciate my mates’ patience that day. Thank you so much guys for bearing with me. πŸ’ž I really feel the tireness, my knees wobbles, my legs were stiff, but I have to carry on so we can reach the Jump Off Point before it gets dark. Thank you Aila and Ernie for cheering me up the “Malapit na tayo.” line. Even though it wasn’t yet. 😐 Hehehee ✌

R #5: Drink just enough water. Only to keep you hydrated.

We freshen up when we reach the Jump Off Point.
Going back, we take tricycle until the terminal of Ternate, take a Mini Bus to reach Naic, from Naic we take jeepney that drops off to Trece. At Trece we ate dinner, the team’s first rice meal for the entire day. Then we walk to get to Trece Terminal, and ride jeepney that drops off to Pala-Pala, then to GMA and back to BiΓ±an.

I reached home at around 11:30PM.
β–  β–  β– 

The experience was SUPERB. πŸ‘Š
The view was so perfect. It was amazing, spectacular πŸŽ†πŸŽ†
God’s creation always keeps me speechless and WOW to the extreme.
This is one for the books πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘Œβ˜πŸ’•πŸ’˜πŸ’ž

Twas a really one perfect-awesome-great day. πŸ™
I uploaded a five-second video of the view from the summit on my instagram, and some instagram filtered photos (to make the picture bright) πŸ™‚
If you want guys to check it out, follow me on my IG, username: @remimi_


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Lucban x Batangas

How was your summer so far? Mine? Is pretty great and splashing 🏊
I am happy to be writing my first travel post for this blog. πŸ™‚
Destinations: Kamay ni Hesus, Batis Aramin Hotel & Resort, National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio

To Kamay ni Hesus, Lucban Quezon ⏩
Coming from BiΓ±an, I rode jeepney that gets off to SM Calamba and from there, there’s a van terminal going straight to Lucban, Quezon. The jeepney fare is around PHP27 (not sure) and the van fare is PHP120. You can add PHP10, so the van driver can drop you off to Kamay ni Hesus.

The road from Calamba to Quezon, is quite long, around 2 hours, passing thru different place of Laguna. I got no sleep during those two hours because I’ve got my super daldal workmate, Joyce. Since she’s been to the places we passed by, I got a free tour. 😁

When we got there, I was amazed by the place. It was so holy. From the saints lined up along the sidewalk, the church and a big shed to accompany the people who can’t get inside the church since it was so jampacked, and the other holy-related sceneries like, Noah’s Ark, Adan & Eve, Mysteries and the most popular spot, the trail to Kamay ni Hesus which also feature the Stations of the Cross.
I was really wow-ed by how many sculptures we’re there.

Before we trail off, we prayed and light candles in diffrent colors where each color symbolizes different wishes/prayers.
Then we started to trail off.

I never thought that the steps where a bit steep and rocky, but once you started to trail, you cannot back down, because you can only get down when you reach the top and on the left side, there is exit. You also have to trail off to go down.

Yes, it was tiring, specially when its summer, and we trailed off at 12 NN (where the sun is sooo up 🌞🌞). There are so many people, maybe because it summer vacation, and they got free of time. We cannot make more selfies, not just because we will look haggard, but because, the goal is to get to the top and see the very big statue of Jesus.

I promise you. Every step, every sweat, it all worth it when you get to see Jesus. πŸ™βœ‹πŸ‘ŠπŸ’˜

Tip: Get enough sleep before trailing off. Make sure you eat before you trail off. Bring enough amount of drinking water to keep you hydrated. I think it is better to trail off at 6AM (time the place opens)

Remember: You can take enough selfies, but the priority it to reach the top, see Jesus, pray, repent and be thankful.

The trail off is not less than 30 minutes. You can rest at the top. We takes few pictures and selfies. Then we trail down to eat lunch.

The place offers carenderias, souviner shops, pasalubong shops and small stalls for snacks and drinks.

Because our check-in to Batis Aramin Hotel & Resort, is at 2PM, and we still have time to spare, we roam around the place. We had some pictures, selfies, we tried to create videos ✌

To Batis Aramin Hotel & Resort, Lucban, Quezon⏩
Since I have planned to go to Lucban and dragged my workmate, Joyce (HEHEHHEE.), gusto kong mag-umpisa ang summer ko. I think of looking for a beach and stayed until the next morning. So, I search the internet for a beach near Kamay ni Hesus and there appread Batis Aramin Hotel & Resort. The place only offers pools but its okay since the place is just the other side of Kamay ni Hesus. It’s a 5-minute walk away from Kamay ni Hesus. πŸ‘Œ

Since we already reserved for a room, we head straight to the front desk, we paid for our stay inclusive of complimentary breakfast and access to five public pools. The room was cozy and clean. Airconditioned, Cable TV, complete toiletries, pretty good for a night stay πŸ‘

We freshen up when we got there, roam around the place and see many people at the pool, we decided to take a rest and go for a night swimming. The place was pretty big, mfefeel mo na parang nasa bundok ka, mapuno and paligid. Kahit pool yung sswimmingan mo, you’re still with the nature dahil sa ambiance.
By 6, we decided to order dinner, there is a menu and a phone available in the room so you can order via phone and they will serve it to you in your room.

I orderded Lucban Longganisa Pasta and Batis Aramin Super Burger with fries plus a Melon Shake. And Joyce, ordered, Rice& Chicken Stake, Batis Aramin Super Burger with fries too, and a Ripe Mango Shake. The food serving really takes quite sometime, maybe because it was made to order, but the amount of serving is enough for dinner. πŸ‘Š
I didn’t get to eat my burger right after I finished my pasta because Im already full. 😁😁

After dinner, we had our night swimming. Since Joyce doesn’t swim, I was the only once dipping in the pool and swim at my risk 🏊 #refreshing πŸ‘Œ

The next morning,we got our complementary breakfast. They offer: sinangag, tocino, juice, coffee, chococlate, bread, peanut butter, soup, and watermelon.
After having breakfast, we decided to get back to Kamay Ni Hesus and hear the mass, we bought some souviniers before the mass started walk around the place taking picture since there fewer people. After the mass, we get back to the our room and prepare to check out at 12NN.

We roam around Lucban Town Proper. We wanted to see the Church of Lucban but it was closed since it 12NN. We ate at the carenderias just around the corner and walk to the terminal to get back to Calamba and travel to Batangas 🚐🚐🚐

To National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio, Batangas ⏩
I was slept all along travelling back to Calamba.
I was not sure where we get on and off going to Padre Pio, since was still high from the Lucban experience. But we get to Batangas by 5PM.
Lucky us, we hear the last mass, it was our second mass attended that day. πŸ™
The Church was big and so beautiful. It was made with bamboo and I really love the Jesus and God Almight hang in the center of the roof of the chuch. I was extremely wow-ed. ☝☝

I make time to see the whole place. And it was really, very beautiful. πŸ‘Œ
I fell inlove πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

This trip was an amazing 2Days & 1NightπŸŽ‰. Thank you so much Joyce for travelling with me. πŸ’‹ Sobrang sulit. Fulfilling πŸ’–

● ● ●
If you want guys to see my photos taken and videos, please visit my Instagram: @remimi_ πŸ“·
Our other videos will be upload on my Youtube account @remilucine πŸŽ₯

Can’t wait to share you another travel diary 😍


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Holy Week 2016

This Holy Week is one of the productive holy weeks I had ever remember. Honestly, I do’t even remeber one, except from doing the Alay-lakad.

Since it was only Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday that is a National Holiday, I still have to report to work from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday. I am a bit productive at work (because I have to 😵) but still, I do not finish what I have to finish before taking the holiday off. 😥

β€’Maundy Thursdayβ€’
The annual Alay Lakad
We walked from 9PM and get back home at 3AM.
Sa sobrang dami ng tao, sa Pacita pa lang pila na. The line was so long, good thing out eyes caught by funny spellings named by the vendors’ paninada that entertains us. Like iPet (ipit) o pantali sa buhok (read as iPhone/iPad) tsenelas, (read as tse-nelas) tse/che, a mataray o masungit o bwisit pinoy expression & leggins (kulang ng g)
Reset assured the when you get to Lolo Uweng, every pagod is healed and worth tiring for. 🙏☝

At dahil, kasama namin si MJ this time. We stopped at Shakey’s to get something to eat, just to make MJ a little full since its really along walk from home to landayan before we get back to home by walking again.

Special mention to my cousin Mamay for the treat. Thanks a bunch 💋

β€’Good Fridayβ€’
I still have hangover by the Alay Lakad we had few hours ago, but I have to push myself to wake up and get bathe because we are going to San Mateo, Rizal to visit my elder cousin and see her new baby girl.
It’s my first time to travel to San Mateo, Rizal. Definitely a long road from Laguna, but I got to see many things and fulfill my love for travelling. The road was so steep because they say, where near at the foot of the mountain. The weather was still hot since its summer.
We stayed for a few hours at my cousin’s house and travel to Manila.
On travel to Manila, we were “toured” along Marikina, sightseeing, by my Uncle for us to see the famous places in their years.
After we dropped of my Tita and pamangkins in Manila, we drive back home.

β€’Black Saturdayβ€’
It wasn’t as productive as the past two days. Well, I decided not to. Maybe I get tired for the long trips we had for the past two days and I need a rest.
I had time for myself. I watch, selfie, record a video of me singing and read. Just a chillax saturday. ✌✌

β€’Easter Sundayβ€’
Happy Easter everyone 🎉
Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay 🙏
God has risen 👊☝

Today is a productive easter sunday. Me and my family will be attending a birthday celebration and baptism of the newest little member of the fambam Rafael Luca 🎊🎂🎈
The birthday celeb happened in Jollibee Paseo. The motif is Star Wars.
Everyone got “Star Wars” themed shirts as souviniers.
In the afternoon, the christening takes place at Don Bosco Church in Sta. Rosa and we had some more quality fambam time at my Ninang‘s house.

Rafael is such a sweetie. He always smiles to everyone. He’s jolly and cheerful as her mom says. I got to carry him in my arms and play with him for quite sometime. He’s such a cutie and lovely. :)💘

● ● ●
Tomorrow, for most employed, is a get-back-to-reality just like me. 😆

I hope everyone spent their Holy Week they way Jesus wants it to be and the way we wanted it to be.
Remembering the sacrifices of Jesus and praising Him as He has risen.


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Lesson #2: Take A Break (once in a while)

Hello March 🎉
Today, I don’t go to work because I am not feeling well. Last night I have this “severe” headache, yung parang binabarena yung utak ko, I was on the middle of watching GMA’s Because of You, I decided not to finish the soap dahil hindi ko na kaya at ang choice ko na lang ay matulog so that I can’t feel the pain.

Earlier today, my clock alarms, it was 7AM, (i am going to be late again), and I really feel somehow the same sick like last night. I get up from my bed trying to push myself to go to work, but my mind tells me “NO”. And so I did. Bumalik ako sa kama ko, nahiga, nagtext ako sa mga katrabaho ko at sa boss ko that I am not going to report to the office today.

It’s been about three months na wala akong absent after taking leave on my birthday and the day after it. Tingin ko I need a break. To all the stressful days sa lahat ng nagyayari sa opisina. Sa totoo lang parang yung office lang yung nagbibigay ng thrill sa buhay ko. Funny thing.

Siguro nataon lang na, may sakit ako naramdaman to give myself a day-off, a little time to rest.

I am happy giving myself a break once in a while–planned or not–because I got to relax my body especially my mind. Somehow an escape to my routine. Take. A. Break. once in a while …

Hindi lang naman sa trabaho, give yourself a break, sa heartache, heartbreak, sa mga problema sa buhay, pamilya, pagkakaibigan, sa pera, sa mga bagay at pagkakataong pakiramdam mong gamit na gamit na ang utak mo kakaisip to make everything okay. Look, even if you try your very best to make everything just okay, it just can’t be. Hindi natin hawak ang mundo at ang pag-iisip ng tao. Magkakaiba tayo ng pananaw. Even if we want to make everthing okay by our own decisions, our own ways to deal with it, it just can’t be. (believe me. i have try this before. sabi nga nila: “It takes two to tango)

Giving yourself a break doesn’t mean that you gave up or you stopped. NO, guys, this just mean that you give yourself time to think, to relax, to recharge, then, you have to keep pursuing, to keep fighting on, to keep making the dreams come true, to go on.

REMEMBER: Never [ever] give up.

Just a break. Fight on. 👊

|| on play: Smile in your Heart – Ariel Rivera||

remilucine 💋

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Last day of Feb. 🎉 And here’s my entry:

β€’Dine-out with Bhe and Nie at Greenwich Savemore 🍕🍝🍗 Planned out Ilocos Norte travel 👊👊👊 Oh pretty please?!? Matuloy sana! 🙏
02/16 & 02/22 Seeing Ate Neri twice: with Joyce though we didn’t get time to talk since the mall is going to closed and I am so late 😧😤😥 & only me- we got to talk about eveything tgat happens within the office because se knows to well what we feel.
02/25 & 02/27 Two days in a row of tambay: with Vin & Nie– tambay kami kina Drew and we got to talk about Drew’s happy love, nakapagvideoke na naman ang mga kaibigan kong saksakan ng galing kumanta (totoo. Promise βœ‹). And just last Saturday, kila Nie, movie marathon, Greenwich ulit (seems like it a fave barkada food, but i dont think so 😐), chikahan, Sagada naman ang plano Hahahahhaa 😨 And I got to see Drew’s new love. Much happy for him. 💘
02/26 On the Wings of Love Finale. Jusko Jaaaaaamesss 💞💞💞
02/28 Another #fambamlove 💓💕💗💘💝💞💟 Lunch out at a Korean Resto in Tagaytay. Truly blessed ☝

Napagalitan si Joyce.
Missing Charles so much (how i wish he misses us too 💔)
G and his girlfriend together #sawi 😂

to Ms. M, yung pagbubukas mo ng mga gamit na nagkaayos at nakatiklop sa mall, paki balik din po sa ayos. Yes, it’s the sales lady’s work, but c’mon have some manners, please. 😠
to Y-san, no compliments, no promotions, just be good. 😒
to Ms. B, saying sorry isn’t a bad word. Learn to say it sincerely. Admiting your mistake will never be wrong. 👊

Again, business trip with Ms. M. F*ck, she was just dragging me all along. 😳
Ms. B & Ms. A, pakikisama attitude. They just don’t belong and they make themselve don’t belong. What the h!!!?
Company dinner which I never enjoyed 😝

being insulted again. Eff this big body 💩

Madami pa din ang happy memories ko πŸ™‚ Masyado lang ata nakaka-stress etong buwan na ‘to. Lalong lalo na sa opisina. But anyways, as I have always say, it wasn’t always light & carefree, syempre, may mga challenges din at baka eto na yon.

I passed thru it and I think I survived ✊
Buti na lang at 29 days lang ang Pebrero. Hahahaha 😅

remilucine 💋

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“First Love Never Dies” (It Does.)

Hello February! Hey guys! Hi to my first post of the month! 🎉🎊
Dahil ang Pebrero ay “Buwan ng mga Puso”, let’s talk about love 💖

Pero parang mukhang hindi naman “about love” ang title ng blog na ito. Hehehe ✌ Well, this is not also a “bitter” blog. I will just somehow prove to you (as I have experienced) that “First Love Do Dies.”

If you think that I can say first love do dies because I am in a relationship, sorry guys, you’re wrong.

I am in my happy-single-life.

(as of the moment … )

I was in my freshmen year in highschool when I started to know what love is and I had fallen with this meztiso boy, a year young from my age, and my classmate of the same section. Since he was my first love (i am pretty sure he was), and it was my first experience about love, I don’t know how to manage my feelings very well–like about how not to get hurt, how to let him know, or should I let him know–everything the how to’s about love–or just everything about love.

At first I decided not to let anyone know, but you know what they say: “Walang sikretong hindi nabubunyag.” And so I spilled it. Well, syempre, udyukan, asaran, mga bata e. I can hardly remember if I like it or not when my classmates teased me with that uuuuuyyyyyyy. It’s annoying but somehow kilig if I think of it now. 😁😁

Things just don’t go smooth in this first time love experience. My “first love story” was like a teleserye. When the one that I love, loves someone else, and that someone else loves by another guy, but that someone else loves back my love. It’s a win-win situation for my “first love” and that someone else, but for me and the other boy it was the other way around–a total unfair. The saddest part is, that other boy and that someone else, were both my friends, my classmates. A. Perfect. Tragedy. 😨

I’ll continue the story because the next scenes (for me) are gonna be interesting!

Until one day, I decided to tell him the truth. –that I love him.
Yes, I did. After class, I head go straight to where his tricycle service is waiting for him, and I got a help from one very good friend to tell him I am waiting there. When he comes, I somehow feel hesistant, pero sabi ko sa sarili ko: “I have decided. Eto na yon. Umamin ka na. Sabihin mo na.” Because, at some corners of my brain, I think (maybe) it can make a difference. So, I did. I tell him. “Mahal kita.” I don’t wait him answer. I left him there not knowing what he thinks or if he’s frozen, flustered, shock, or what. And I don’t remember where’d I go. Hahahaa. (this was 8 years ago!)

Sadly, that don’t make a difference. He still love that someone else. Kasi, hindi naman natuturuan ang puso. Believe me.

So, I decided to move on.
And I did. Mahabang panahon ang kailangan, kulang ang tatlong buwang sinasabi nila. Marahil dahil first time ko sa ganitong pakiramdam. Time heals.

One factor siguro nabibilangin ko to prove that “First Love Do Dies” ay itong naka-move on na ko. Yung perfectly wala ka nang nararamdaman kapag naakidenteng nagkita kayo, o kaya yung hindi ka na nag-iisip na “paano kung naging kami?” o di kaya yung pakiramdam na hindi mo sya naiisip o hinahanap.

Pero yung pinaka-patunay ko is that we are of the same circle of friends. Barkada. We have been together making a whole lot of fun for around five years or more now, together with four more guys and for me that was amzaing. Maybe a total relief na din kasi I am not stuck inΒ  him forever.

Just right now, I think, I. Am. Awesome. Aren’t I? Hahahahhaaa πŸ˜‰

Ayon, napa-kwento na ako. 🙊✌
I will always remember my first love, because he was the first. But the love (as opposite gender) do dies. Kasi kung hindi, then we won’t find the one we have today. Di ba?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
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